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It’s always difficult to choose a single favorite of anything, but we wanted to make sure that we kept a record for the kids of their top foods, sites, and activities in each country or region we visited. We hope that in later years this will help kindle fond memories and guide them in their own independent travels. We also figured it could prove useful to fellow travelers and give our friends and family back home something to laugh about.

We post the lists for each country individually in the blog and you can see them all at once by clicking here. We’ve devoted this space to our overall favorites and will continue to update it as our travels progress.

Top 6 Natural Wonders Visited

1. Jiuzhaighou, China
2. Halong Bay, Vietnam
3. Sossusvlei Sand Dunes, Namibia
4. Cape Peninsula, South Africa
5. Cappadocia, Turkey
6. Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Top 6 Manmade Wonders Visited

1. Sydney Opera House, Australia
2. Great Wall, China
3. Angkor Temples, Cambodia
4. MBK Shopping Mall, Bangkok, Thailand (you can guess who voted for this one)
5. Taj Majal, Agra, India
6. Hagia Sofia, Istanbul, Turkey

Top 6 Cities Visited

1. Cape Town, South Africa
2. Hanoi, Vietnam
3. Beijing, China
4. Buenos Aires, Argentina
5. Bangkok, Thailand
6. Krakow, Poland

Top 6 Activities

1. Swimming with dolphins in Paihia, New Zealand
2. Jumping off boats in Halong Bay, Vietnam
3. Tubing the Nam Song River in Vang Vieng, Laos
4. Bungy jumping in Auckland, New Zealand and Bloukrans, South Africa
5. Sliding down sand dunes, Mui Ne, Vietnam and Swakopmund, Namibia
6. Abseiling in Waitomo, New Zealand and Table Mountain, South Africa

Top 6 Places We’ve Stayed

1. Tom — Esbelli Evi, Urgup, Turkey
2. Anne — Elephant Crossing, Vang Vieng, Laos/Golden Sun Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam (sorry that’s 2)
3. Dax — Ocean Gem Apartments, Coffs Harbor, Australia
4. McKane — Jollyboys Backpackers Lodge, Livingstone, Zambia
5. Kieran — KEA 6-Berth Campervan, North Island, New Zealand
6. Asher — Sheraton Guilin, Guilin, China (it had skylights)

Top 6 Quotes

1. “No, you cannot take your shirt off.” — Tom to Asher in most public places
2. “Do lions eat cows?…Can I run faster than a cow? — Asher to Anne while falling asleep one night in Chennai, India
3. “What did we hit?” — McKane in New Zealand any time the campervan made a loud noise
4. “Why does Dad want to be bald? — Kieran to Anne
5. “Hey, Mac. What button do you push to change Asher’s weapon?” — Tom to McKane
6. “That’s it. You’re grounded.” — Anne to any given child on any given day

Other notables:
“Waiter, there’s a bug in my rice.”
“That’s seasoning, sir.”
“You season your rice with cockroaches?”
—Tom to a waiter in Chennai, India

“Help! Guard! Campsite!” Tom on the Caprivi Strip, Namibia

We’ve got many more lists in the works. Be sure to check back for new ones from time to time.

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