Quick Facts

Interesting Facts About Our Travels Thus Far

Continents Visited: 6
Countries Visited: 31
Pictures Taken: 28,000

Nights Spent In
Planes 6
Trains 9
Busses 8
Tents 24
Sheratons 45
Vans 2
Campervans 16
Boats 2
Beach Huts 1
Caves 3
Estancias 1
Hotels 123
Hostels/Backpacker Lodges 27
Houses/Apartments 57
Little Old Bulgarian Lady’s Spare Rooms 1
Romanian Roadside Motels 1
Salt Hotels 1
Primitive Altiplano Shelters 1

Children Taught: 126
Vehicles Crashed: 1 (twice)
Vehicles Exploded: 1 (not our fault)
Other Round-the-World Traveling Families Met: 2
Penguins Touched: 3
Ticks Removed: 2
Children Lost/Injured: 0
Vehicles Vomited In: 3
Days Without Spilling: 2
Pirates Met: 1
Giant Roadside Fruits Entered: 2
Empanadas Eaten: 342
# of The Six Who’ve Had Lice: 5 (Remember: 1 is bald)

Thing We Most Regret Losing: Tom’s Handheld GPS
Thing We’re Most Surprised We Haven’t Lost: Dax’s retainers

Most Annoying Habit Acquired: Indian head bobbling (Tom)
Most Endearing Habit Acquired: Saying “heaps” like the Kiwis/Aussies (everyone)

Official Family Quote: “Help! Guard! Campsite!”

Nickname for Tom’s left leg: The Dog Kicker
Dogs Kicked: 1
Jackals Kicked: 1

TV Shows Most Often Quoted: My Name is Earl; Arrested Development
Movie Most Often Quoted: She’s the Man; Napoleon Dynamite
Movies Most Often Watched: Click; She’s the Man; Scary Movie 3 & 4

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