Trains and Ramen – Episode 1

I decided to do something a little differently on this trip. In addition to having the kids create posts, I thought a great way to send off Sixintheworld would be doing something we talked about but never pulled off, a podcast. To be honest I don’t expect many people to listen, but I do expect my dad to listen, and he is my target listener. He was going to join us on this trip until his temporary knee proved a little too… temporary. I wish he was travelling with us but I also wish him a happy Father’s day. If you are not my dad or other close family member, you are welcome to listen. My hope is we can pull off 15 15 minute podcasts in 15 days. They will not be long or highly produced, but they will be honest and they will tell more of our story.

Disclaimer – I will try and build the podcast everyday, but I may not be able to post it everyday.

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