Year of Sunsets

In December 2011, I started a project to increase my “gratitude.” “For one year,” I told myself, “I will take a picture at or near sunset to remind me to be grateful that Anne was in remission and to not forget the hell we had been through the previous 2 years.” What I ended up creating, was a daily chronicle of the hardest year of my life. The pictures show Anne’s last 3 hospital stays, her hospice time at home and the amnesic days, weeks and months after she passed away. The photos remind me that we made it through, that somehow I kept getting up and dressed every day. That the kids still went to school, I still went to work, and each day the sun kept rising and setting. The pictures begin Christmas night 2011 and continue until Christmas Eve 2012. I missed about 10 days. There are repeat pictures from the windows of our house, from my office, and from hospitals. However, I am shocked to also see pictures of sunsets from 9 states and 4 countries.

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