A shout out to all my EarthLink friends

Hopefully over the next few weeks I will be able to talk with most of you but until then….For those who were riffed, I know your pain…. If your experience is anything like mine, over the next few days you will go through all kinds of emotions ranging from anger to shock, from fear to excitement. After you get off the rollercoaster, you will discover there are many opportunities beyond EarthLink and that leaving might in fact be the best thing for you…. And while I don’t know all 900 of you, I probably know half of you, and there will be things in the future for all of you.

Cheap Fun, eh?

I first started writing this post on September 30th of last year when we were in Australia. At the time I was amazed at how well the kids were responding to life without stuff. There was no question they missed their normal amusements–Gameboys, Playstation, Xbox, trading cards, plastic soldiers, legos, stuffed animals, puzzles, board games–but…

Two in the World? That’s Not Right!

Tom and I spent the weekend in Charleston and Kiawah Island, South Carolina where we joined a conference of insurance agents as their guest speakers. When we were invited to speak by our friend, Mike Jensen, he encouraged us to bring the kids and stay for the duration of the conference, a total of 6…

Back to School

Well, it’s over. After one year of traveling, my family and I are adjusting to life back in suburban Georgia. As I get ready to go back into school tomorrow, I can’t help but think how lucky I was to have had such an experience as this at a young age. I can’t help but…

Sweating It Out in Hotlanta

Unfortunately they accept us as a sorry substitute.You haven’t heard much from us in the past week because when we’re not fainting from the heat or suffering from yardwork-induced dehydration, we’re walking around in a daze wondering where our backpacks have gone and why the sink keeps piling up with dirty dishes…. The last 10 days have been a blur of completing the boys’ online coursework and finals, registering four kids for three different schools–a paperwork nightmare which includes visits to doctors and dentists–and buying all the necessary supplies…except the jumbo-sized 8 pack Crayolas, which are out of stock at every Target, Kroger, and Wal-Mart from here to the Mississippi River. Add to that the continuing mystery of where our sheets have gone, how 432 lightbulbs can go out at once in hard to reach locations throughout an oversized house, the continuing debate/paralysis over what kind of car not to get, and oh yeah, why exactly is it 105 outside, and you’ve got a recipe for a couple of stressed out return travelers.Thankfully our load was lightened immensely by the constant presence of grandparents for the past three weeks…. They left tonight and we’re waiting for the real shock to hit tomorrow morning when there’s no one to play with the little kids, feed us when we forget there’s no cafe on the corner (only rocks and bushes there), make us laugh when we feel like crying, and remind us that the rewards of everything we did this past year will far outweigh the trauma of our current readjustment.In the meantime we’ll continue to eke out our deer-in-the-headlights, day-to-day existence and will hopefully hit a groove once the kids go back to school on Monday.

Coming Out With It

I have been there for the last 8 and half years and have considered the work we have done there as more than just a job. For years we have been the only independent ISP the last company of significance providing an alternative to the monopolists or duopolists (the cable and the phone companies) It has been an incredibly hard fight…. Earthlink hired a new CEO about 4 weeks ago and he is in the process of analysing all the businesses and will make some changes in the near future to direct the company in a direction he would like. I completely agree with his approach and support his efforts, the only unfortunate aspect is being the guy who has been gone for a year is not the best situation to be in when someone is aggressively analyzing the work that everyone has been doing.