Flat Pyramids

Pyramids aren’t pyramids any more

Although the chicken fights are getting much more even, our pyramids are no longer tall in the middle. I wanted to post a quick picture of us and link to a new post by Anne on her cancer blog. If you are interested here it is Getbehindmecancer.com.

Happy Mom loading the calories

Happy Cancerversary

So I was wrong and I did have another cancer post, because Anne deserves it. In what is hopefully the first of many, I want to wish Anne a happy cancerversary. It may have only been a year ago that Anne was rushed into the emergency room, but it feels like a lifetime ago. It…

Here We Go Again.

If there are 4 words in the English language which are scarier than the 3 words, “you have cancer,” they are “your cancer is back.” A little over a week ago, Anne heard those words. Our family has been once again placed into a state of shock and we are once again doing everything we…

Anne shaving her head

Embracing the Extraordinary

I’ve always craved extraordinary experiences and through diligence and luck I’ve managed to pepper my life with them. I attended extraordinary schools, married an extraordinary man, gave birth to four extraordinary children, ghostwrote a few books (I won’t claim they’re extraordinary) while chasing those children, lived in extraordinary places, and traveled the world first in…

Anne smiling at the kids

I Like Cancer Best When It’s In the Past.

When Anne was diagnosed in July my heart exploded. Her sickness appeared out of the blue. In fact, I left her at home the very day she went to the hospital. She was planning on driving the 700 miles to Utah to pick up the kids. However, her stomach was hurting and I had a…

Young scholars looking good

A quick update

I wanted to get a quick update on sixintheworld. Everything is going well. Anne is almost 2/3rd of the way through her chemo and is handling her treatments as well as can be expected. She is on 3 week cycles, so just about the time she starts to feel normal she dives back in for…