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  1. We’re planning a similar trip to your in 3 years time, with a (then) 11 year old, 9 & 7 year old. Thank you for your wonderful and inspiring blog!

  2. Good Afternoon,

    With 3 kids, a mortgage and a great job I think it is time to get some strange looks and travel the world for a year.

    I will be scouring your website for insite on how to perform the tasks ahead, and learning from your journey. While we don’t have the frequent flier miles, or the hotel points, we will still enjoy the crap out of going at it with 3 kids.

    Thank you for posting this information. Please feel free to send any snipits of wisdom our way. We are planning to depart in a little over 6 months, April 1st.

    Have a wonderful day.

    Anxious Regards,


  3. Hello

    Thank you for your awesome Website. We are planning our trip starting in June of 2014. We talked about doing it this summer as our schedules have the time available however our son is only 6 and we want him to be alittle older. Daughter is 8 right now.

    How did you create your website? Is the a template somewhere. We want to start a website site to help us keep a journal of the process plus a a place to store information.

    Warm Regards

    Chris Osmon

  4. Tom:

    Thank you for your awesome website. What an great resource for families looking to do a journey of a lifetime. I too have 4 kids (now 8,6,6,4) and our launch date will be July 2015 or July 2016. Since we have time, we can figure it out as we get closer.

    I hope you keep your webiste up until that time. If not, is there a website that other families can use to post up to date info on hotels, locations, experiences, etc.? Obviously, what is good/safe now, may not be in a year from now.

    Thanks again.

    Chuck Muller
    San Francisco, CA

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