Lou Andrus standing in his field, with Utah's Governor and a happy wife

Helping Hands and Inspiration

As Anne mentioned, we are completely overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and help we have received. Our freezer is packed with future meals, our fridge is full of the meals we couldn’t quite finish, and our days are filled with assistance from our family and friends who have always been and continue to be…

Urban Planning Gone Awry

When Brigham Young settled the Salt Lake Valley in 1847, he did so carefully and methodically. As the spiritual and political leader of hundreds and soon thousands of pioneers, he realized that the urban vision he unfurled would determine the rhythms, patterns, and eventual success of the Utah colony.


Top 6 things to do in Utah to remind you you are alive!

I admit it is one of only 3 states I know off where you can see polygamist compounds and 19th century dresses all in the same day, In an ironic way it also has it’s own political spectrum ranging from right wing to super ultra right wing…. It is important to make sure you keep Capital Reef and Arches below Zions and Bryce on any list, this will keep the crowds at Zion and will leave these two a little more open…. Lake Powell has more shoreline than California and if you judge your water-skiing on the scenery, water conditions and the potential for absolute glass like surface, there is no better place to be…. Today it stands as the center of the mormon church, and is worth a half a day to just wonder around, watch the brides get their pictures taken, and spend some time in meditation.

Have Ding Dongs Will Travel

Our first big event to welcome Tom back to the extended family was a picnic in the park on Saturday. For many this would mean a drive to a nearby patch of city grass or a faraway lake, but in Orem it means a 15-minute ride into Provo Canyon and some of the most spectacular…

75 Years of Trying to Keep Animals Alive

For the past 10 years, I have taken the kids to Utah for summer vacation. We make our annual exodus to “Camp Grandma” for a number of reasons. The first is that after 10 months of managing schoolwork, lessons, activities, and social calendars for four children, some part of me…a big part…craves a break. The…