Thanks Sammy Hagar

It has been a week since the 30 hour haul across the country. I am still recovering and haven’t had much time to write or even think about writing. Anne is doing a great job of documenting the first leg of the trip, but I did want to give a big thanks out to Sammy Hagar because if we had to cross the country at 55 mph, we would still be driving…. Is there any chance that in the next 12 months another politically active rocker, perhaps Zack de la Rocha might decide to take on the establishment and get 75 raised to 85 or as the great state of Montana attempted, unlimited?

Toilet Paper Redux

My mom, stepdad, sister, and brother-in-law joined us in Utah for the 4th of July for a last few days together. They live in Florida and California respectively and we won’t be passing their way for at least another year…. We knew we might be in for a grilling—remember, we are taking away a significant percentage of their grandchildren and exposing them to unknown diseases, dangers, and ____ for the better part of a year…. Though Todd appreciates a good jungle gym as much as the next guy, he was watching the preschoolers rather than sliding and climbing himself.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of a Trophy

Recently someone asked McKane what his favorite holiday was and he responded without hesitation, “the 4th of July.”… Not Halloween with its candy, costumes, and tricks?… You see, for Tom’s family the 4th of July is no mere weekday to be acknowledged with a few fireworks and hurrahs; it is a full-on, no holds barred, 24-hour celebration of freedom, friendship and family togetherness involving food, fun, and most of all competition. Originally their summer tradition began as a backyard barbeque and water balloon volleyball match, but in recent years, it has escalated to a full-scale Olympic —– requiring multiple venues and culminating in the presentation of the much-coveted trophy.

Senseless Luxury and Just a Tad of Hypocrisy

I have proudly been spouting simplify, simplify, simplify for the past few years as I have fought to declutter and streamline my life. In one sense I have performed well and detached myself from the world: I keep a simple, no frills wardrobe (except for my twirly skirt–ask my class); I try not to clutter…

An Island Farewell

It was bittersweet to say goodbye to friends, but the neighbors apparently were overjoyed since they put on an impressive display of illegal fireworks…the big ones that require cannons or perhaps trebuchets to launch…. Candy hails from Guam and honed his skills performing for droves of adoring Japanese tourists before coming to the States. He is also a gifted musician and singer, and if he gets an “A” in his world history class, I might be tempted to post his Battle of the Bands performance as well. Check him out..<object width=”425″ height=”350″><param name=”movie” value=”″></param><embed src=”″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”425″ height=”350″></embed></object>Did you notice the golf cart in the background?

That’s Definitely Not Crumping

Tom called me away from my new favorite TV show, “So You Think You Can Dance?”, last night so I could see a new video posted to You Tube that had already gotten 250,000 viewings during the day. Turns out it was a dance video, though of a completely different ilk than what I had…