Urban Planning Gone Awry

When Brigham Young settled the Salt Lake Valley in 1847, he did so carefully and methodically. As the spiritual and political leader of hundreds and soon thousands of pioneers, he realized that the urban vision he unfurled would determine the rhythms, patterns, and eventual success of the Utah colony.

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Honeymoon with Who?

In his supremely entertaining memoir, Honeymoon with My Brother, Wisner explains how he was dumped by his girlfriend of a decade just days before his wedding…. Inspired by his experience in the rainforest and a demotion at work, Wisner quit his job and invited his brother to embark on an extended round the world adventure. They traveled for two years and learned a lot about the world but more importantly about each other along the way…. They take off on another adventure next month.While Oprah hasn’t come calling yet, we’re hopeful that our travels will get people excited about travel and the potential it has to bring people together, both as families and as a worldwide community.

Have Ding Dongs Will Travel

Our first big event to welcome Tom back to the extended family was a picnic in the park on Saturday. For many this would mean a drive to a nearby patch of city grass or a faraway lake, but in Orem it means a 15-minute ride into Provo Canyon and some of the most spectacular…

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Top 6 Reasons We’re Glad Tom Has Joined Us

With Tom’s arrival in Utah on Wednesday, we ended a five-week separation of our family. The kids and I are used to Dad being gone periodically–remember we’re using almost one million frequent flier miles, which Tom alone has earned, to fund our round the world plane tickets–but five weeks is extreme. We’ve spent many hours…

Email Twitches and an Open Calendar

Of course, you could argue, the world is full of people, and we will be very assertive about meeting many of them, but there is something different about the people with whom you work…. Although our adventure will have a lot of fun, jokes and entertainment( not unlike work) we each will have roles to play, tasks to accomplish and will need to be a support system to one another…. Dax will step up as a writer and video editor, Mac will step up as a photographer and videographer, I will move from being the back end technician to more of a participant and Asher and Kieran will get a combination of starring roles and menial tasks, perhaps, craft services. When we are done we will hopefully have created a great treasure for the family and grown together through the experience of both traveling and working together.

Grinding Teeth for World Peace

About two years ago one of my molars was giving me trouble. When I went to the dentist, he diagnosed a small cavity, though he couldn’t really see one, and inserted a filling in the offending tooth. Despite his efforts, it still felt like the tooth was going to break every time I bit down…

The Perils of Planning

Our family struggles with punctuality. Individually, any one of us can be on time to anything, but put us all together and 15 minutes late seems to be the best we can muster. Perhaps we dawdle because we assume that someone else in the group is taking longer or moving slower than we are. Perhaps…