A Minor Update

The words of a friend have been weighing heavily on me the last few days. We had breakfast during the middle of last week and he obviously asked about Anne and how she was doing. I shared and along with sharing how she was doing I told him I have had a very hard time…

Anne the spiritual center of our family

Holy Cow!

It is hard to believe that is was only a year and 3 months ago that Anne was diagnosed with Cancer. It has been a long 15 months. The last 5 months have been exceptionally trying and tender. When Anne had her recurrence and was diagnosed with metastatic disease, our lives, which were already shaky…

Flat Pyramids

Pyramids aren’t pyramids any more

Although the chicken fights are getting much more even, our pyramids are no longer tall in the middle. I wanted to post a quick picture of us and link to a new post by Anne on her cancer blog. If you are interested here it is Getbehindmecancer.com.

It’s not the search for something else, it’s enjoying what you already have

The answer is there was a confluence of occurrences which drove home 3 very important lessons to me and made me push us to do something we have talked about for quite a while.The first happened about a year ago, when close friends of ours lost their 16 year old son to a car crash…. Luckily, we share a believe in an afterlife where we will see our loved ones again, but that doesn’t completely take away the pain they suffered as future graduations, marriages, grandchildren etc. disappeared in a single night…. Some restaurants were open, some people were back in their homes, we even stopped to get Beignets at Cafe du Monde after working all day on the first day. Then on the second day we were driving into the city to gut a house in the 9th ward and as we came round a bend on i I10 we could see the SuperDome with all it’s damage on the right but to the left was an equally impressive edifice.

Sixintheworld day shots  008

It’s time.

Today we go from being a family who talks about going around the world to a family who is going around the world. 38 hours after leaving Salt Lake we will be landing in Auckland, New Zealand. Much more to follow… Technorati Tags: Round the World, Round-the-world, RTW, Salt Lake City