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Top 6 Things to Eat in New Zealand

Because food is soooo important to Tom, we’ve decided to choose our favorite delectables in each country we visit. Each person picks one food. As such, you should not expect high cuisine or even real food. Remember, we don’t actually go inside restaurants with the little kids unless we have no other option. 1. Lemon…


Top 6 things to do in Utah to remind you you are alive!

I admit it is one of only 3 states I know off where you can see polygamist compounds and 19th century dresses all in the same day, In an ironic way it also has it’s own political spectrum ranging from right wing to super ultra right wing…. It is important to make sure you keep Capital Reef and Arches below Zions and Bryce on any list, this will keep the crowds at Zion and will leave these two a little more open…. Lake Powell has more shoreline than California and if you judge your water-skiing on the scenery, water conditions and the potential for absolute glass like surface, there is no better place to be…. Today it stands as the center of the mormon church, and is worth a half a day to just wonder around, watch the brides get their pictures taken, and spend some time in meditation.

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Top 6 Reasons We’re Glad Tom Has Joined Us

With Tom’s arrival in Utah on Wednesday, we ended a five-week separation of our family. The kids and I are used to Dad being gone periodically–remember we’re using almost one million frequent flier miles, which Tom alone has earned, to fund our round the world plane tickets–but five weeks is extreme. We’ve spent many hours…

Top 6 Sites for Travel Fun and Inspiration

As we have conducted research for this trip, we have discovered a virtual community of kindred spirits. Though more unusual for Americans than Europeans or Australians, round the world treks are not uncommon. For all those who think we are crazy or entering uncharted territory, we offer the following six sites as corroboration and inspiration:…

6 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe While Traveling

We are mostly joking, we are not suggesting changing passports or speaking with silly accents but you just might want to carry small maple leaf’s or fern leaf’s as slight deflections.5…. Although your wife might be child size, and tough enough to defend herself, you will want to arm her with a screaming device to alert yourself and anyone within a 100 meters that someone is messing with her…. Buddy System – We suggest pairing children up with the oldest and the youngest as a pair, the second oldest goes with the second youngest etc. until you run out of kids…. This unfortunately knocks the Philippines and much of the middle east off your list and unless you can get that crazy canadian government to start being a little less aggressive with asserting its bad self all over the world, this list may grow before it contracts.