Touched by Angels

When we set out on this trip almost nine months ago, Tom and I knew that we wanted not just to see the world but also to participate in it. By finding opportunities to help, even in small ways, we hoped to increase our family’s appreciation for what we have at home and prove to…

A Day in the Life of RSO

McKane decided to make his final post about Rising Star a movie telling people about rising star and encouraging them to help out…. He woke up early and filmed most of the days activities and kept the camera rolling until they were asleep at night…. Otherwise, it is a good depiction of the average day for the children of Rising Star. If we would have thought about it, a similar movie about a day in the live of the kids who are on the waiting list to get into rising star would have been a nice contrast.

A Farewell To RSO

One month ago we arrived in India not knowing what to expect. We would be volunteering at a children’s home, an experience very few people we know had embarked on. Our three and a half weeks at RSO have shown us a little of what we had expected and a lot of what we hadn’t.…

Of Lice and Men

I got lice in second grade when I lived in suburban Maryland. The school administration claimed the outbreak, which hit a large percentage of the student body, resulted from an infestation in the tumbling mats. Since I had long hair, the delousing process took over a week: a hard core shampooing followed by intensive sessions…

Our Day with Padma or Life in a Land with Leprosy

We started by drivng an hour and half south of Chennai and visited the construction site where Rising Star is building their new school, known here as “the land.”… he had chuckled and said there wouldn’t be any heavy equipment, everything will be done by hand he had told us. What I was not prepared for was the amount of workers, the high quality of their work and speed with which they were digging holes…. They work most of the day (with an hour or two break during lunch) they live on site and travel to the next site when this one is finished…. For me, I knew that this would be a memorable day as we had 6-8 hours of driving left for the day and Padma was going to make a great traveling companion to help me make sense of India.

The Skinny on India

Many of you have been begging for more details on what our life is like here in India, especially after we voiced our uncertainty about what to expect. I have a list of about 8 posts I’m working on to explain it all, but we’ve been spending so much time with the kids of RSO,…

Taking RSO to the Beach

On holidays and saturdays the kids of RSO get to go to the beach. It is a wonderful wide open beach, with just a few differences from your ordinary American beach. Technorati Tags: Beach, Chennai, Comic, India, Rising Star Outreach, Round the world, Round-the-world, RTW