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Who’s Hungry Jack!?

If you ever go to Australia and you like Burger King, remember, Hungry Jack slew The King of Burgers and renamed all of the king’s restaurants ‘Hungry Jacks’. Actually when Burger King got to Australia, the name was already taken. They offered money to the man who had the copyright on the name, but he…

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Pies, Pies, Everywhere Pies

Although they did not invent wrapping overcooked meat with puffy pastry in New Zealand they have elevated it to an arf form and turned it into the food of choice at nearly every restaurant, food stand and gas station…. Dax found sausage rolls, Anne liked the steak pies as long as she found real meat in them, and I would eat and enjoy any of them…. Despite the roadside claims to the contrary of many other cafe’s we found the best pies in New Zeaand at the Cafe in the Waitangi treaty grounds, which we visited on our third day in New Zealand…. With the incredible number of sheep roaming the countryside, I was surprised to see they had not institutionalized lamb as a fast food, similar to the way American’s have turned beef into an instant meal in almost every country on this planet.

Of Mentors and Bovine Freedom

One of the most fulfilling aspects of preparing to leave is connecting with old friends. There is something about taking off for a year that prompts you to fill your days with reunions and your nights with farewells. (Don’t get the wrong idea…it just sounded poetic.) Yesterday the three youngest kids and I met Tom’s…

The Land of the Free and the Home of the Big Gulp

Utahns pride themselves in the natural beauty of their state. The Rocky Mountains, forbidding in their jagged majesty yet comforting in their powerful embrace, cast spectacular shadows over the carefully settled desert valleys. Inspired by such awesome surroundings, many residents revel in outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, running, and camping. Overall, Utah’s people are…

Long Distance Dining

Tom made a post yesterday that dealt with the more technical side of his life. Though technology pervades the rest of the Andrus family’s lives, we are not involved in the evolution of the internet the way Big T is. We make advances in our own ways: I am trying to master text messaging, a…

Maple Syrup and the Crazy Things We’ll Miss

I abandoned the comforts of a dorm room with built in entertainment of every kind and a dining hall flush with food and headed off to Japan where I abstained from most forms of entertainment and cooked and cared entirely for myself…. You would expect these things to be of particular interest to 19- and 20-year old boys, but you might be surprised that what we missed most often was food.The foods we missed were simple things…. Few things would bring more relief than finding out the new guy had his own maple syrup extract and wouldn’t be draining our finite resources.These comfort foods were so much a part of our palette and daily lives that we didn’t expect to miss them…. Foods have become much more global and fast food chains much more ubiquitous, but there will be foods for all of us that will be our maple syrup or mayonnaise.