Throwing rocks at the sun

Through Living we Remember

6 months have passed. 6 months that I felt would never pass yet 6 months that passed in an instant. Time has never felt more uncertain. I feel as if I am a recovering stroke victim. It wasn’t ischemia in a vessel in my brain but a schism in the nexus of my soul which…

Getting Really Fat in Argentina, or How Is Everyone Here Not 500 Pounds?

San Fransisco, New York, and Sydney vie for that title because of their vast and tasty selection of the worlds cuisine, Beijing would show up on a short list because of all their varieties of Chinese food gathered in one city, Paris is fine but a little bit too gourmet…. This love for beef was heightened when my grandparents moved to live near us. My grandfather ended his career as one of the leaders of savings and loan(prior to the scandal) in LA but for years earlier in his career he had been a butcher and he knew his meat…. For most people this respect for the value of beef and a basic education in all thing beef, would be enough to prepare one for a lifetime of eating beef, however I had one more peddler of meat who would cement the deal…. I have carried that respect and love for beef into the business world and have when given the chance visited the best steakhouses of America some of my favorites are Palm and Smith and Wallensky in New York, The Chop House in Chicago, Harris’s in San Francisco and Pacific Dining Car in LA.

Barely Maintaining My Weight in Tunisia

Anne took the kids to find a seat and I ordered two different pizzas with the fewest ingredients on them, a few of the kids favorite backpacker food, chocolate pancakes, a chicken dish for Anne and sandwiches for me and Dax…. I looked around at what the locals were eating and our tuna pizza was not an aberration, almost all their dishes can be covered in canned tuna and many of the locals did…. These light green giant beans were the size of my thumbs I am not sure if these were fava beans, the locals just called them “legumes,” and they where a tasty addition to an otherwise bland meal.Tunisia was only the second place where everyone in the family struggled with food, the first was Cambodia…. (No the french is kicking in.) After the first week of struggling to find a local dish or fast food we liked, I finally gave in and started ordering the same food each day from a local cafe.

Getting Fat in Eastern Europe

The rest of the family is also not as adventuresome as I would like and they wanted to take advantage of the prevalence of our fast food which has invaded the former Easter Bloc…. I did not have a winter to spend with them but I do have a little more to grab around the midsection as a result of their perogies and kielbasas.I have always liked perogies. We don’t get much of a chance to eat them at home, and I think health conscious chefs and individuals have tried to use olive oil or other less “bad” fats when serving them to Americans…. Back to the restaurant they came and after bribing them with another ice cream on the way home they sat and were good company while I ate serving 3 and serving 4.

Getting Fat in Africa

We left India almost six weeks ago and I still haven’t written my food post for the country. I’m having a hard time because Indian is my favorite cuisine in the world, but unlike all the other countries we’ve visited, I didn’t get fat in India. I actually got skinny. For those who might be…

Getting Fat in Thailand

This will not come as a surprise to my coworkers in Pasadena who get dragged to the restaurant Saladang every time I am in town, or the people in Atlanta who end up at one of a handful of Thai restaurants such as Tamarind or Nan, but I love Thai food!… I was not ready, though, for the amount of food I was going to eat in Chaing Khong.At the little border town between Thailand and Laos, we found a cheap hotel, ($12 for 2 rooms) and struck out find a place to have dinner…. They started to wander and get themselves in trouble, so Anne grabbed a few more bites and herded them off to the hotel, leaving hers, Kieran’s, and Asher’s plates half full…. It took me another 20-30 minutes but between a few pieces of meat on the floor, a few more pieces hidden in the soup and sauce bowls, and a vision of Takeru Kobayashi, I ate until I cleared the plates.

Top 6 Things to Eat in Cambodia

While we’re sure Cambodia has good food somewhere within its boundaries, we didn’t find much during our brief stay. We had some tasty Indian food in Phnom Penh and discovered a yummy Cambodian restaurant in Siem Reap on our last night in the town. Other than that we had bad tourist food at charmless restaurants…