Up in Livingstone

We chose this hostel because most others in the area refused us due to the fact we have children in the group and because they gave us an awesome deal on our visas (instead of us paying $100 a piece to get the visa we paid $25 each and got three free nights accommodation, two free meals and a free drink)…. They had dorms, a campground (which is where regrettably we would be stayind), a pool, a pool table, a resteraunt, a giant lounge like area with loads of African decor, laundry and basically everything else you could want from a place you’re paying $8 a night to stay at…. In our short three days here we have made numerous friends.When we arrived we set up our tents and immediately people started talking to us. My mom made friends with a dual citizened Australian- British woman and talked to her about passing the borders and ridiculous visa prices…. I talked to my dad who had previously been showing off pictures of our trip around India to one of them, and he said that they were going to give Kieran some streaks or maybe just dye his hair blonde.