None For the Angry One

After a long day of getting ripped off, being given wrong information, and not being able to find a hotel, we were done with Mu Nei, but when Mom saw a picture of a guy going down a sand dune on a plastic sled, she said that it might be worth staying for. So Dad…

The Great Deception aka The Rolling Roach Motel

I recently read a travelblog of a couple who said the thing they disliked most about Vietnam was the feeling they were constantly being taken advantage of. This is true not just here but in many of the places we’ve traveled. Locals feel we are wealthy and therefore obligated to overpay. Vietnam officially got rid…

Slowing down, taking pictures

There is a charming little town in the middle of Vietnam that entrances all those who visit it. The people are charming, the inexpensive food exquisite, and the scenery enchanting. You relax and savor it all, while magical little tailors create an entirely new wardrobe for you and your family for next to nothing. Well,…

The Rolling Sauna

Here we could view parts of the Ho Chi Minh trail, go underground and see the tunnels where an average Vietnamese citizen would have lived during the turbulent times, to the river that separated the two countries, and an old battlefield. It seemed like it would be an interesting opportunity to view some parts of the country that had once been a war-zone and a good chance to catch up on some Vietnamese history…. I entered into a brief sleep with the aid of my iPod but this didn’t last long. We stopped at a bridge with a small monument to the Ho Chi Minh Trail, I won’t write too much about the following since my mom already covered it in her post…. The man gave Kieran and Asher their sticks back, which of course they couldn’t take on the bus, that of course initiated a fight between them and our parents.

History the Hard Way

Much like China, Vietnam is a country of contradiction: a communist state embracing a free market economy, a former enemy eager to be a friend, a land of people who will eagerly and genuinely embrace you but charge you more than twice what they would their neighbor for everything from chewing gum to silk pajamas.…

The City of Purple

We stopped and got some ice cream for the little kids who had basically reached a point of near heat exhaustion due to the fact that they wouldn’t drink the water…. They were chained up and despite pondering for a few minutes, we couldn’t figure out why there were three full grown elephants chained up in the middle of a burned down purple city…. Our dad took various shots of us. But after what seemed like an hour and was probably more like five minutes of sitting around in a dress in the burning heat I was ready to get out…. There had to be at least ten thousand fish fighting for the two pellets the little kids threw in. They continued having fun in this manner until they had run out of feed.

Asher and Her Asian Friends

Asher and KIeran were so destined to have fun that they met a little girl whose mom worked there and started hopping around on the ” ton tons,” bouncy things seen in the picture in my mom’s post…. Asher, Kieran, and their little friend ran from the dinner table to the pool table and playing on top of the pool table…. I had to go up to stop them from doing multiple things including “easy pool,” which is when you are up on top of the pool table and you drop the balls through the hole, take them out, and do it again and again…. So Asher learned how to use her hands to make the girl follow them and do other stuff.Even on the train from Hanoi to Hue Asher made a friend.