A Basement of Turkish Despair

Irony is a cruel teacher. I composed the last post about Esbelli Evi from a basement room in the Eris Pansiyon in Assos on the Aegean Coast. Little did I know as I gushed about the wonderful setting and impeccable service in Cappadocia that an hour later I would be arguing with the proprietors of…

A Cave of Turkish Delight

We have now been on the road for 235 days. That’s a long time to be away from your own bed, your own kitchen, your own bathroom. Personally, I love the nomadic life, but perhaps that’s because I’m the one that bears the bulk of the responsibility for maintaining our domicile back in Atlanta. To…

If It Tastes Like Pepper, Ya Better Fo’get Her

The girls and boys used to only *see* eachother (not talk), when they would go down to the well and get water for the house…. Well it starts with the girl, if she wants to get married then when she finishes her rug that she’s been making, she’ll hang it out the window, that’s telling all the young men that she’s ready to get married…. The whole family gets the message and the old person of the house like the grandma or grandpa, would go in a room and talk to the boy and see who he wants to get married to.When the discoussion is finished between the young and senile, the senile goes out to the girls family and arranges a family meeting between the family…. This means that there was salt or pepper in the coffee, but if the boy and the senior citezen stay put and talk, then there was sugar in the coffee, after the that, the newly engaged youth go somewhere and talk once again with the old folk.This may not be all correct, I’m just typing this off memory so if you find a mistake or anything, then please leave a comment and tell me what I did wrong.

Can You Drive This Bus? or You Can’t Sleep Sitting Up

In a depressed state we leaned as far back as we could and watched in horror as a Turkish movie from the 60’s came on. Terrible acting, terrible story, terrible camera work (although it would make a good Mystery Science Theater 3000)…. The lights finally went off as the movie started it’s second half and we all tried to sleep…. Everyone was cramped like nobody’s business, row partners McKane and mom seemed as if they were in a pretzel, Asher had ended up on dad’s lap, Kieran was half on the floor, and my head was rug burned from the coarse chair fabric…. These chairs didn’t even go back as far as the others and the were considerably less comfortable, it made the other ones seem first class, and the Thai bus, seem like what a king would ride.

Since When Do Fairies Have Chimneys and What’s a Phrygian?

There are a few places on earth that are like no other, and Turkey’s Cappadocia region is one of them. Tom and I have visited the Pinnacles in Western Australia, a picturesque sandy region along the Indian Ocean where bizarre limestone rock towers dot the landscape, but these formations are sedimentary trifles compared to the…

The Big Lie

We require Dax and McKane to write one blog post per week as part of their schoolwork (and you thought they were voluntary!). Dax wasn’t happy with any of the possible topics this past week, so I told him to do a creative writing exercise based on a picture I took in the square outside the Blue Mosque in Istanbul…. Then one entirely unlike the others came.”Dear Mustafa, I would like all the lira you stole from me back and I’d like it now or I’m going to have to take it from your flesh…”… ‘Dear Mustafa, I would like all the lira you stole from me…”

Watch out for the evil eye

This post is going to be one of my shorter posts, because my last one was the longest one I’ve ever written. So here we go. Last week we stayed in Istanbul for a few days, and in that time we walked throughout one small part of the city. Though the area was small, there…