Of Course We Can Sleep There

Anne has created a list on the Quick Facts page detailing how we’ve spent our different nights on the road. I got a kick out of reviewing the many different ways we’ve found rest throughout the trip and realized we’ve become flexible enough to handle almost any situation. Upon our departure last August, we were…

All Quiet on the Eastern Front

After the bombings on New Year’s Eve, Thailand is a different country. It’s not that people here feel unsafe, just that as in the case of any act of terrorism, the government has to raise its guard. The new post-coup government, whose rule the bombers may well have been protesting, has to work hard to appear in control.

Getting Fat in Thailand

This will not come as a surprise to my coworkers in Pasadena who get dragged to the restaurant Saladang every time I am in town, or the people in Atlanta who end up at one of a handful of Thai restaurants such as Tamarind or Nan, but I love Thai food!… I was not ready, though, for the amount of food I was going to eat in Chaing Khong.At the little border town between Thailand and Laos, we found a cheap hotel, ($12 for 2 rooms) and struck out find a place to have dinner…. They started to wander and get themselves in trouble, so Anne grabbed a few more bites and herded them off to the hotel, leaving hers, Kieran’s, and Asher’s plates half full…. It took me another 20-30 minutes but between a few pieces of meat on the floor, a few more pieces hidden in the soup and sauce bowls, and a vision of Takeru Kobayashi, I ate until I cleared the plates.

Thailand Is Not Tom-Sized

At home I’m a midget. Well, not a midget exactly, but a small person. At 5’2″ and a less than triple digit weight, I struggle to find adult clothing small enough for my frame. If you were to pull up behind my kid-hauling Yukon XL, you might think a child or a phantom was driving,…

Can You Ride This Elephant?

While in Chiang Mai, we visited the Mae Ping Elephant Camp. Kieran had been waiting to ride the big beasts ever since we got to Southeast Asia, so he was really excited. He wasn’t disappointed by Mae Ping. The elephants there are trained to have people ride them and do shows. In the shows, they…

Long Live The King

Coming out of China and Vietnam where all the bills have pictures of Mao and Ho Chi Minh, I just thought he was another past dictator…. In movie theaters before every movie there is a brief film that plays during which you MUST stand up, pay your respects to His Majesty, and watch images from the 70s of the king working to benefit Thailand…. Twice a day a call goes out over loudspeakers and all people must stand at attention while a tribute to the king plays…. He has won the respect of all his people, but all I can say is I don’t want to have to stand up at another movie theatre and I don’t want to have to listen to any more tributes.

Bombs in Bangkok Keep Us In

There’s nothing like being where the action is….except when the action is bombing. We were all set to head out to Chiang Mai’s New Year’s Eve celebrations when Tom found this little ditty on the CNN cite. In case you don’t want to read it, the bottom line is this: a series of bombs exploded…