Braving the Roads in Bolivia

As you all know, we´re a good week behind in our posts, but we wanted to send out a quick update to get you current. Tom and I are now sitting in an internet cafe in the small town of Uyuni in southern Bolivia. We (all 6 of us) are scheduled to board a Todos…

Spirits in Stone

There are certain phrases you avoid when traveling. In most of the Southern Hemisphere, you’d be remiss to refer to the residents as “natives,” a term which smacks of the pejorative. This presents a problem, because of course there are natives, people whose ancestors have inhabited the region for hundreds if not thousands of years,…

Getting Really Fat in Argentina, or How Is Everyone Here Not 500 Pounds?

San Fransisco, New York, and Sydney vie for that title because of their vast and tasty selection of the worlds cuisine, Beijing would show up on a short list because of all their varieties of Chinese food gathered in one city, Paris is fine but a little bit too gourmet…. This love for beef was heightened when my grandparents moved to live near us. My grandfather ended his career as one of the leaders of savings and loan(prior to the scandal) in LA but for years earlier in his career he had been a butcher and he knew his meat…. For most people this respect for the value of beef and a basic education in all thing beef, would be enough to prepare one for a lifetime of eating beef, however I had one more peddler of meat who would cement the deal…. I have carried that respect and love for beef into the business world and have when given the chance visited the best steakhouses of America some of my favorites are Palm and Smith and Wallensky in New York, The Chop House in Chicago, Harris’s in San Francisco and Pacific Dining Car in LA.

Falling for Iguazu

Waterfalls hold some strange power over humans. Around the world people flock to stare at them, sail beneath them, fly above them, and wonder about those who have fallen over them. (Come on…admit it.) I personally have made my family travel thousands of miles, spend hundreds of dollars, and endure the pain of yellow fever…

Can You Ride This Bike? No I Can’t, Keanu

But these experiences (experiences like when grandma pushed me down the hill on the bike that was far too big, or when I tried to go off a curb and popped a tire on my friend’s bike) only strengthened my resolve to not ride a bike…. After a short ride (more like falling to the floor repeatedly and shaking my fist in the air) I noticed the gears didn’t work and the bike was far too big…. I had learned to balance, turn and even stop properly (Mac has still not taken to stopping in the conventional manner, he prefers to simply jump of the bike and pick it up off the floor)…. Another quickly followed behind it, I pulled up to the curb and rode very slowly but whoever was driving the car must have something against me because the driver swerved the car in. I looked in horror and tried to jump off my bike onto the curb.

A Fine Line Between Fantasy and Reality in San Antonio de Areco, Argentina

They love soccer(football) they love BBQ (Asado) they love Tango(a fast moving and somewhat violent dance)and they love Anthony Borges…. As we stepped off the bus into the dusty streets we could have been in any small town in Texas or New Mexico only the ghosts here are gauchos and not cowboys…. As we headed out of the bus station a small dog was there to greet us. The kids imediatly it would be a little detour to getAs we started down the road we were quickly joined by a little dog…. It could be a small town in texas or new mexicoTour guide dogs.Funky ZooBike Riding – Katherine RossWonderful Estanciatoo short, but the butterfly’s are waiting for us….The Falklands thing was a fight between two bald men over a comb.

The Great Uruguayan Dog War

Colonia, Uruguay is a great place loaded with dogs. On every corner you turn there’s bound to be one. They’re like little guides that lead you through the town, as if they know exactly where you want to go. We went to Colonia on a day trip from Buenos Aires. We took the Buquebus ferry…