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Campervan of Shame

Driving a campervan on windy roads, barely wide enough to fit two cars equipped with head lights which left me on the edge of my seat guessing which way the road was going to turn, I had to agree with the signs…. Cars would barrel at you on these little roads over 100-km/hour and for a moment after they passed before my eyes adjusted to the dark, I would look out for some reflection on the road or a yellow arrow to reassure me a sharp turn was not 50 feet in front of me…. I can picture some transportation minister decided they needed toby only building bridges on highways big enough to fit one car at a time, but if that is still a problem perhaps we can get a group of tourists to donate to bigger bridges…. We could go 5-10 minutes and not pass a car coming the opposite direction but every time I approached one of these half bridges a car would be flying down the road at me and we would have to negotiate with our lights who would be th first to cross the bridge.

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Top 6 Things We Learned in New Zealand

1. You need an adapter AND a converter for US electronics. The casualties: 1 Sonicare toothbrush charger, 1 travel hair dryer (what a cool fire that was), all the walkie talkie rechargeable batteries, and Tom’s head. It turns out you can’t shave your head with clippers running on 240V when they should be on 120V.…

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Top 6 Things to Eat in New Zealand

Because food is soooo important to Tom, we’ve decided to choose our favorite delectables in each country we visit. Each person picks one food. As such, you should not expect high cuisine or even real food. Remember, we don’t actually go inside restaurants with the little kids unless we have no other option. 1. Lemon…

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Pies, Pies, Everywhere Pies

Although they did not invent wrapping overcooked meat with puffy pastry in New Zealand they have elevated it to an arf form and turned it into the food of choice at nearly every restaurant, food stand and gas station…. Dax found sausage rolls, Anne liked the steak pies as long as she found real meat in them, and I would eat and enjoy any of them…. Despite the roadside claims to the contrary of many other cafe’s we found the best pies in New Zeaand at the Cafe in the Waitangi treaty grounds, which we visited on our third day in New Zealand…. With the incredible number of sheep roaming the countryside, I was surprised to see they had not institutionalized lamb as a fast food, similar to the way American’s have turned beef into an instant meal in almost every country on this planet.

Kiwi Oblivion

After a trip to Kelly Tarlton’s Antarctic Encounter and Underwater World and Dax’s big bungy jump off the Auckland Harbor Bridge, we decided to finish our tour of New Zealand with a visit to the Auckland Museum. Here we learned once and for all why these mysterious islands were for so long populated only by…

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Jumping Off Bridges

As some of you may know from my last post, I’ve wanted to sky dive this entire trip and of course the parents say no, but they did consent to letting me do the next best thing, bungy jumping. On the last day we had in New Zealand I had the opportunity to jump off…