This is Madness

A word of warning…this is long and somewhat of a rant. I wrote it while still in India, but my anger and frustration haven’t diminished since my departure. India has taken hold of me and she won’t let go. My head is swimming, my heart is broken, and I can’t figure out how I feel…

Ride at Your Own Risk

Not because Asian drivers are any worse, or any better than the average but because our first housemate was Asian and drove with a reckless abandon which was made all the more funny as she was 4′!0 and could barely be seen over her steering wheel…. Early in the trip I might have made a comment or two about the crazy chinese drivers who think they are on a race track, or maybe joke about the Cambodians who pile 20 people in and on a mid-sized car, or the Vietnamese who have figured out how to compress space and get 6 or 7 people on one motorbike…. In our short two months there I saw more roadside carnage than I would see in 5 years in the US. We saw two truck accidents, multiple car on car accidents one truck on person aftermath (not a happy site) and one horrific truck on bus accident…. At one point I was walking on the side of the road going with traffic in the opposite direction was an auto-rickshaw on the far shoulder, a bus in the far lane, one car in the near lane and another car in my shoulder all 4 of them coming directly at me.

The Church That Wouldn’t Shut Up

After making the 24 hour pass through Mumbai and fortunately averting any bombings on our train, we boarded a plane back south to the beautiful state of Kerala, fondly known to its inhabitants by the spiritually elitist nickname of “God’s Own Country” (after all, how are all of us from other places supposed to feel…

Snakes on a Train

We started our adventures with trains a while back in China and have had many experiences with them since then. We’ve taken trains across China, Vietnam and Thailand, some of which were lacking in the cleanliness department. When I heard we would be taking a train in India from Jodhpur to Mumbai I expected the…

Rajasthani Roundup

Of all the regions in India, I chose Rajasthan as a top destination for us based on its rich and romantic history. The state that constitutes the country’s far west is brimming with rugged Mughal forts and refined Maharajas’ palaces. Here at the crossroads of India and the Middle East, countless battles were waged, won,…

Can You Ride That Camel?

And third, the roads, getting a driver to drive you around is easier than most things, but the roads are horrible, so your very likely to get sick…. After a short but bumpy ride to our ‘camel safari’, we all felt pretty sick and tired, so when we saw what the ‘camel safari’ was we were extremely disapointed…. So we asked the manager what the ‘camel safari’ was, and he told us that the 2 night stay includes a 1 hour camel ride only for the first day, and nothing for the second day. We had already payed for it, so we couldn’t leave, so we just stayed in the car. After about 1 hour of dad talking to the hotel workers, and the travel agent on the phone, we established a deal, free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and three 2 hour camel rides ( not including stopping at the sand dunes ).

Once There Were Kings

In order to get there we had to venture off the good (mostly 2 lane roads) to a bad (1 lane road) and drive over a small set of mountains…. The difference between a village and small town being there is an intersection in a small town going in all 4 directions, most villages just have the main road or at times are even off to the side of a main road…. After a few pleasantries he explained that the palace was once his families home and he had just turned it into a hotel a mere 5 years ago. We chatted breifly and he jumped in a jeep to guide some other tourists around the different villages in the area…. When I had walked the 4 streets I headed back to the hotel to show Anne some of the pictures and the whole family decided to go on a walk through the town.