North, South, Anywhere You Go There Will be Coins

Coins from all around the world, backpackers from all over the world had put their national coins and other coins that they had from previous countries that they traveled to into that one jug…. So I took them into our room and sorted them into the countries they were from, and into doubles, singles, triples, etc., and just looked at them, like a scientist staring at his experiment. I also took out my coin collection that has hugely developed since Australia ( look back to the “What kind of coins do you have” and ‘ Coins or keychains, both’ to see what it was back then )…. I wonder if when we get back home and I combine all the Australian and New Zealand coins, all the coins that my parents have collected for me that they got on their trips, the ones I have now, and the ones I have yet to get in the future, will be bigger than his.

Can You Ride That Camel?

And third, the roads, getting a driver to drive you around is easier than most things, but the roads are horrible, so your very likely to get sick…. After a short but bumpy ride to our ‘camel safari’, we all felt pretty sick and tired, so when we saw what the ‘camel safari’ was we were extremely disapointed…. So we asked the manager what the ‘camel safari’ was, and he told us that the 2 night stay includes a 1 hour camel ride only for the first day, and nothing for the second day. We had already payed for it, so we couldn’t leave, so we just stayed in the car. After about 1 hour of dad talking to the hotel workers, and the travel agent on the phone, we established a deal, free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and three 2 hour camel rides ( not including stopping at the sand dunes ).

Pigs are Like Tigers

Last week we went to Ranthambhore for our tiger safari, pfffhh, more like bird safari. We actually didn’t see any tigers, only birds and deer. We arrived in Ranthambhore after a hard day of driving from Agra. What was supposed to be a 5 hour drive somehow turned into an 8-hour journey on horrible roads.…

Taking RSO to the Beach

On holidays and saturdays the kids of RSO get to go to the beach. It is a wonderful wide open beach, with just a few differences from your ordinary American beach. Technorati Tags: Beach, Chennai, Comic, India, Rising Star Outreach, Round the world, Round-the-world, RTW

What Ticket? I Can’t Click It!

Then there was the mini-bus ride through the mountains form Luang Prabang to Laos’s capital, it wasn’t that it was dangerous, it was that it made you sick, real sick…. Mom on the other hand couldn’t take of her pants because they were packed up on the top of the bus, so she had to keep them on, the worst part about that was that it made the whole car smell…. Luckily, no one else through up the rest of the way, but we felt better when we heard form the people that were in other mini buses that they all had people throw up, but they actually warned the driver to stop. We haven’t really done any bad travel since then except for the tuk-tuk to the buddha park where we got a flat and had to take another one which will be mentioned in other post.

Can You Ride This Elephant?

While in Chiang Mai, we visited the Mae Ping Elephant Camp. Kieran had been waiting to ride the big beasts ever since we got to Southeast Asia, so he was really excited. He wasn’t disappointed by Mae Ping. The elephants there are trained to have people ride them and do shows. In the shows, they…