The City of Purple

We stopped and got some ice cream for the little kids who had basically reached a point of near heat exhaustion due to the fact that they wouldn’t drink the water…. They were chained up and despite pondering for a few minutes, we couldn’t figure out why there were three full grown elephants chained up in the middle of a burned down purple city…. Our dad took various shots of us. But after what seemed like an hour and was probably more like five minutes of sitting around in a dress in the burning heat I was ready to get out…. There had to be at least ten thousand fish fighting for the two pellets the little kids threw in. They continued having fun in this manner until they had run out of feed.

Out To Dinner In Yangshou, Be Back Later

There were at least fifteen Chinese to every foreigner, and they were still obsessed with grabbing Asher for pictures, a skill which it seemed no Chinese could master since Asher would bolt away and hide every time anyone got remotely close to her…. Aside from the tours on the Li River, the Yang Shao Mud Caves, and so forth all that there was in the quite town of 300,000 was a single street packed with restraunts and discos…. We managed to buy 2 fried rice plates, sizzling beef, sweet and sour pork, three cheese pizzas, a plate of pasta, garlic spare ribs, roast goose and beef noodles for under twenty dollars, finally cutting down on food costs after insanely priced Australia and New Zealand, I mean three bucks for a candy bar?… The problem is that in a country where the only indigenous instruments are flutes and a single string instrument, you don’t build a good rhythm base among most people, and so most end up dancing like McKane, Kieran and Asher, a lot of jumping around with no real connection to the songs beat.

Hostels Here We Go

When I first heard that we would be staying in hostels during our journey I was extremely distraught. I would much rather be staying at a hotel than an old run down hostel with people partying all around. But there was no way of convincing my dad not to. I knew that eventually I’d have…

The Infamous Art Students

If you are an American (or apparently Swedish, keep reading) traveler going through the streets of Beijing, or just taking a stroll on TianAnMen Square, you will be confronted by some ‘art students.’ These supposed students speak very good English and are very nice. They are usually English students looking to make some quick yuan.…

Sixintheworld day shots  049

The Llamas are Singing In Perth

As in New Zealand and the U.S., Australia has a variety of its own unique sports. While we were in Australia, we had the chance to view the two ‘super bowl’esque championships: the AFL (Aussie Rules Football) and the NRL (National Rugby League). These sports are quite different from any others of their kind. Aussie…

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Vans, The Top 6 Reasons They Should Leave Our Roads

That’s when I found what would save me from at least some of the torment (the screaming and yelling of young children kind, you know what I mean), a little device called an iPod…. We rested at a ridicoulsly high priced motel and despite sleeping in a bed with a child who I will not name at this time constantly smashing into me and secreting a steady dose of methane from his overworked bowels, I felt no more up to a drive in the morning…. The next few hours were no better as my iPod died and the previously unnamed child reduced the air quality of the car to an all time minimum…. No further comment.As you may (or should I say should) have noticed this is written in a very joking manner, I do not mean to insult any who drive vans, have caught ‘van feaver’ as it is called, or any suburban mothers and most of all not the unnamed child, I am simply putting forth my opinions about one of man’s craziest inventions.