Jumping Off Bridges Redux

First of all it would have to be at the end of our African excursion, secondly it was a good eight (we originally thought four but were told the roads were bad only the day before we left) hours away from Cape Town where we would be staying, and lastly, we were running short on time due to Uncle Vito’s untimely break down in Namibia…. My dad being the only other adrenaline junky in the family wanted to jump, but due to his artificial hip he would have to sit this one out…. Here we were offered two options on how to get to the bungy, a flying fox which would cost one hundred rand, or a walk on the catwalk which was free…. When I got back to the jump point everyone asked how it was, I was still in shock so I just stared eyes wide and nodded.

Day on the Dunes

There were two options, lie down boarding, which resembled what we had done a couple months back in Vietnam but much faster and crazier, and stand up boarding, basically snowboarding on sand…. Everyone made sure the equipment fit and then we were separated into three groups: lie down boarders, experienced stand up boarders, and novice stand up boarders.After being separated we started off up the dune…. While I was climbing back up the dune for my next run I had a nice talk with the German tourist, when we reached the summit I found that the next run down I would be trying my hand at lie down boarding…. Once again I was strapped up for another run, but one of the instructors wanted me to do a tandem lie down board with my mom.

Illegal in Angola

Angola is a country ravaged by war. Since its independence from Portugal in 1975 there have been bloody struggles for power. Up until a few years ago the bombs were still going off as Communist rebels tried to stake a claim in Namibia. It was on the State Department’s red list (very dangerous countries, currently…

Up in Livingstone

We chose this hostel because most others in the area refused us due to the fact we have children in the group and because they gave us an awesome deal on our visas (instead of us paying $100 a piece to get the visa we paid $25 each and got three free nights accommodation, two free meals and a free drink)…. They had dorms, a campground (which is where regrettably we would be stayind), a pool, a pool table, a resteraunt, a giant lounge like area with loads of African decor, laundry and basically everything else you could want from a place you’re paying $8 a night to stay at…. In our short three days here we have made numerous friends.When we arrived we set up our tents and immediately people started talking to us. My mom made friends with a dual citizened Australian- British woman and talked to her about passing the borders and ridiculous visa prices…. I talked to my dad who had previously been showing off pictures of our trip around India to one of them, and he said that they were going to give Kieran some streaks or maybe just dye his hair blonde.

Paris in a day? What is this, the Amazing Race?

One day for the capitol of one of the world’s most frequented and historic countries? How is this possible? Well, we attempted it a week or so back when we hit Paris for a day. We started our day in the City of Lights exhausted from our red eye from Bangalore. We still had a…

Snakes on a Train

We started our adventures with trains a while back in China and have had many experiences with them since then. We’ve taken trains across China, Vietnam and Thailand, some of which were lacking in the cleanliness department. When I heard we would be taking a train in India from Jodhpur to Mumbai I expected the…

Dax’s Bad Day in Delhi

Three thirty in the morning. Far too early for anyone to be up, yet there we were taking our bags down to the taxi and bidding farewell to a few of the RSO children and staff. We made our way to the airport and prepared for our flight to Delhi. After buying the little kids…