If Blogs Were Books, It’s Time for the Next Book in This Series.

As this will be the last post, I want to thank everyone who commented, sent me notes, read, and contributed to sixintheworld.com. It’s time for our family to move to the next chapter. Please feel free to follow us on our next adventure at 200daysaway.com. There will only be 4 of us this time as Dax has a job and wants to keep working. I don’t expect the quality of the new blog to match sixintheworld because Anne and Dax wrote a majority of the posts last time, but McKane and the little kids and I will do our best.
I will leave sixintheworld up. It is still an inspiration to me, and I love to read Anne’s words, it also has inspired many others to set out on their grand adventures. That means a lot to me. Please join us in our next adventure. Today, the world is much more connected than it was nine years ago. I expect that connection to lead to some unexpected experiences and stories over the next seven months. I left my job and pulled the kids out of school and am preparing to leave our house January 26th and the country January 28th. I have a lot to do to get ready. I am excited to be taking the kids on the trip Anne and I discussed in Africa, years ago; a trip I thought might have become an impossibility after Anne became sick.logoworkgray

9 thoughts on “If Blogs Were Books, It’s Time for the Next Book in This Series.

  1. How exciting! I’ll look forward to reading about your next big adventure. Good luck! Thank you for leaving sixintheworld up too.

  2. Will continue to follow your adventures on the new blog. Best wishes to all of you and I’m sure you know Anne will be with you in spirit and heart for the entire journey. Have a blast!

  3. This blog is the reason my husband and I are now saving for a round the world trip with our young son. Thank you, and I hope you leave it up for many years to come. All the best.

  4. Zoe,

    That is great and thanks for the kind words. I will leave the blog up and I hope you and your family can also have a similar adventure.


  5. Tom – I haven’t written to you before but I wanted to let you know how deeply inspirational and brilliant I have found ALL of your writing. I am in the middle of taking my 3 kids (12, 11, 9) around the world on my own for this school year – husband was meant to come but v unexpected company issues have kept him largely at home. Anne was clearly the most wonderful woman, and this site is such a wonderful reflection of your family. You are all brilliant to be doing this trip. I have had many doubts about the sanity of doing our trip, but when I read your blog they largely go away. Have a great time and I will follow when I can! Gerry

  6. I have been inspired by six in the world and read all your posts, especially as we have a family of 6 (3 boys and 1 little girl). I will continue to follow your new adventures. Anne’s words have been a wonderful archive of your family’s travels. Bless you.

  7. I can’t actually believe how you have such a huge family. Congrats on your adventures! I will be waiting to hear more about them! :) Your traveling blog is quite inspiring

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