Mother’s Day, a Once a Year Tradition.

Anne always hated Mother’s Day. She didn’t like the idea of it. “Why should we celebrate mother’s one day out of the year, isn’t it a 365 day job? We should celebrate it every day,” she would tell me. Today, I am glad it only comes once a year. For the last 2 years, I have tried to hide from Mother’s day. This weekend, I gathered up the little kids and took them to see McKane, who is 350 miles away. I would have gathered Dax with us as well, if he happened to live on the same continent. We all could hide out, and pretend today is just another Sunday. If we are were all in motion and together none of us would suffer much, at least that was the idea. However, on the long drive home, I started feeling as if I am short-changing someone. Of course my kids will be sad on every Mother’s day for the rest of their lives. However, that thinking doesn’t celebrate the great mother that they did have for what ended up being too small of a part of their lives. Hopefully with that sadness they can take a moment and remember how blessed they were to have her as their mom.

They need to know how Anne changed her eating habits during each pregnancy to make sure she ate enough protein for their growing brains. They need to know how she stayed up countless nights getting their home school curriculum together, how she offered to throw her snack-sized body over them while an animal cased our camp site in Africa. They need to know that everything she ever did from the day she had Dax revolved around them. She shared with them her faith, she showed them the world, she held on to them with all her might, she never left them alone, she gave them mommy kisses on every bump, bite and bruise and used mommy magic to fix just about everything. She loved them with all she had. When the cancer had taken everything from her, she kept fighting and the reason she kept fighting was to be there for them. I doubt they understand all she did for them, but someday they will look at this post and remember their wonderful and magical mom.

Anne fighting the cancer

Anne fighting the cancer

Asher and Anne on trip

Family at Ankor Wat

Asher and Anne on a boat in Laos

Asher and Anne Sledding

Biking in Argentina

Anne and the littles on the great wall

All the Brown Eyes

Proud Mom

Anne sledding with Kieran in Vietnam

Waiting for the bus

Kieran and Mom

Mac Hugging Anne

Everyone is proud of Mac

Sciene Bowling

Anne and Mac

Anne with Dax and Mac in Florida

Anne and Dax in Turkey

Anne and Dax in Cambodia

Proud Mom and Grandma

Peas in a pod

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10 thoughts on “Mother’s Day, a Once a Year Tradition.

  1. Anne absolutely threw her pint sized body into being an amazing mom. An example to me for sure. Her faith remains the strongest I have known. I love her for ever and look forward to eternity to see her again. Hugs! Ps – Anne’s mommy magic shows in all 4 of the kids. Love you.

  2. Another beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman. She left a void that will never be filled. Truly amazing.

  3. I have been following your blog for years now. I always admired Anne. She was so organized and smart and beautiful and had so much grace. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  4. Dang, I miss my 90 cents. What an inspiration and spunky shining light! I thought of her on Mother’s Day as we talked about how every woman is a mother and born with the divine gift of nurturing, not only our own flesh and blood, but all of the children around us. Auntie Anne epitomized this “it takes a village” mentality for all ages. I will never forget how she loved my girls as if they were her own. A part of her lives in them too. Love you and the fact that her legacy lives on strongly in all of you.

  5. They will know they had a mother who loved them, because their father will teach them. Beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady. Hugs to you and the kids.

  6. Hi Tom,
    I discovered your blog several years ago when my two children were little and my husband and I were only dreaming about our family traveling around the world. I found Six in the World to be incredibly helpful in our planning the logistics of our trip, Anne’s descriptions and writing to be sublime, but, even more importantly, your family inspired us to dream about what was possible for our family even though many people thought we were crazy, and through your example you encouraged us to follow our dream. Our children are now 8 and 11 and we are currently 2 months into our year long journey. I logged back onto your blog today because we are planning our South Africa part of the trip (we head there next month, I was feeling overwhelmed, and remembered you’d been there as well so thought I could get some ideas). I saw your Mother’s Day post and just want to let you know that I am so very grateful to your family for sharing your travel adventures and lives and that Anne’s legacy includes profoundly impacting total strangers like me in ways, big and small, that have changed the course of my life. Thank you. Moira Kotowski, Denver Colorado

  7. I’ve been following this blog for years and was waiting to see another post. Your wife sounds like an amazing mom. This is beautifully written, I’m sure she will love it, wherever she’s reading it from.

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