The Honey Do List

I am delinquent in posting about our trip to Japan on Sixintheworld. We had a wonderful trip, and I will put up a couple posts about it, but not today. It was a great trip, it meant a lot to have our family in motion again. We went to places we have never been, visited places Anne loved on our last visit to Japan, and ate Ramen until we sweat pork broth. I have asked the kids to give me a write up of something they liked on the trip. However, without our chief taskmaster not as much gets done. Anne made lists nearly daily; things to read, things to do better, things to do, lists for the kids and lists for me. I was always lucky enough to have a long “honey do” list. Of course, the reason it was long was because Anne was much better at writing things on a list than I am at crossing things off a list. She has been gone 17 months, and I have completed almost all things that were ever on my lists. The last 2 things hanging over my head, are to move the retirement accounts and to fix Sixintheworld to once again look and work the way she liked it.
Honey Do list
Both are big tasks. The retirement accounts may never be moved. I cannot find the plan we used to set them up. Our provider doesn’t have it, I don’t have it, and a new broker needs the plan to set it up. I like it when people tell me they like Sixintheworld, but even if I were the only reader, I would fix it. It is a gift from our past selves to our current selves. I would like it to look nice, have rotating banners, have a nice map, have a place for pictures where you can see the entire trip in a glance and have a clean design on both mobile and the web.
I still have some work to do but I have taken care of the major shortcomings, and I have created two pages for pictures. The first is a daily chronicle of our trip. The second is a personal montage of a year of sunsets taken during Anne’s illness and for 6 months after her death.
I don’t plan on retiring anytime soon. The orphaned accounts may for decades remain the open item on my last honey do list from Anne. It is now my turn to create lists for the kids and me. I will start by adding “write a post about Japan” to all our lists.

7 thoughts on “The Honey Do List

  1. You’re still figuring it all out, Tom. Take your time, you’re doing a great job. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. You can print out your blog as a book- several companies do it. Perhaps your kids would each like a copy. I print mine out every year- it’s a lovely family keepsake.

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  4. You inspired our family, too! We are currently in the middle of World Tour year, and loving it! We love and admire your family, and we don’t even know you (although we would love to meet you somewhere in the world one day).

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