It’s About “Time”

I have not updated the blog for the same reason Anne didn’t write much about her fight with cancer. She didn’t want to share bad news. Similarly, I don’t want to share my grief if I feel it isn’t going particularly well. On the eternal time clock I feel peace, and feel Anne is in a better place and we will be together again, but here in our time, with however many decades ahead of me, I ache without her. I keep expecting the cooling balm of time to heal the hole in my center. I recognize I am getting better; I don’t break down or scream as I drive any more. But I still feel I am only half of my self and that is not a burden I have cared to share with others. Healing me is going take more time. As we work through that time, I can say that “right now” the time has come to gather the family and to once again get on the road. It is not another extended trip; that will have to wait. It is a trip with the remaining 5 and a special guest (my mom.) It is out of the country and it is a great way to honor the year anniversary of Anne’s death, doing something she loved.

Japan Rail Passes.  Have shinkansen will travel

We are headed to Japan, which is too expensive to be on most extended travel itineraries but a great place to visit for a vacation. This will be my 7th trip to Japan. I can easily say it is my favorite place to return to or as it is said in Japanese, “go and come back”. Our theme for this trip will be trains and ramen. We have rail passes and the ability to indulge over and over at ramen bars. We haven’t worked out the full itinerary yet but will in the next few days. My hope is we can bond, laugh and experience the world as a tight group again.

Are you read for this?

I am going to “try” and get everyone to write a final post for sixintheworld. This website was not created to be a long family history but to document an intense year in the middle of our lives. It is hard to believe that year is now 6 years in the past. At the time the name seemed perfect, but I should have named the site better. 6 was always just a snapshot of our family in time. Of course, I figured that number would increase rather than decrease as the kids married and had children of their own, but in either case it is no longer statistically accurate, unless you count my mom. Our blog has been and remains an amazing resource and a reminder for us of all the love we shared, lessons we learned and ways we grew, but it is time to sunset it. I will keep it up as long as WordPress is supported, but our posts from this trip will be the end of Sixintheworld postings, one last burst to close a glorious time of our lives.

Lots of boys loving ramen

So tasty

You can use chopsticks how you want, I'll use them like a big fork. The now let women play in their samurai games Mark this place for a return business.

24 thoughts on “It’s About “Time”

  1. My heart goes out to you Tom and the whole family and we keep you all in our prayers as you continue the healing process. So happy to hear you are soon off on another traveling adventure as a family in honor of Anne and as part of your healing and completion.

    We sold our home in 2005 and have been traveling the world non-stop as a family since 2006, so the journey has been different than we expected as well, so I can relate. I smile at the places that we share.

    Even though we have never met Anne or your family, it still feels like personal loss…as I am sure it does to many.

    You might want to contact my old friend Steve Beimel who does some absolutely amazing and authentic travel in Japan.

    Enjoy every moment and I am sure Anne will be with you in spirit! Sending hugs from Asia!!

  2. ??????????
    I hope your travels are safe and edifying.
    Good to see you and Mac. You look good. I know that hint of sadness will be visible and all of us who love you and Anne will feel it when we see you or the kids. Grateful to know of your courage and endurance.
    ????? ?????

  3. Nice to hear from you and glad to see that you are planning a trip. Japan is near and dear to my heart as I was stationed in Misawa back in the early ’80’s. As you’re well aware, lots to see and do in such a beautiful country.

    I will be sad to see the end of you blogging on here, but I completely understand. Hope this trip won’t be the last we hear from you – maybe you’ll start a new venture and invite us to have a peek? Either way, I thank you and your family for allowing us to travel the world with you. The blog posts and pictures are a wonderful resource for those wondering what could be in store for next adventure. Enjoy Japan!

  4. You and your family remain in my thoughts and prayers. I am excited to hear about your planned trip to Japan. How wonderful that you Mom will be able to go with you! That will be a great experience. Peace my friend.

  5. Dear Tom,
    As you once told me people don’t get it nor do they really care. I think about you often as we both travel alone this journey that we didn’t sign up for. I’m so happy that you are going to go to Japan. I admire you and hope I can hold my head up as well as you have. Love, Allyson

  6. Sounds like a wonderful,exciting, interesting and peaceful trip. Wish I could jump into one of your travel bags and experience the joys you could share with me. Wonder how soon you will be in the air?

  7. it’s lovely to hear from you again. my heart was always with you all. i sincerely hope new blog/website about your advetures will arise.
    be well and good luck wherever you are heading.

  8. Wishing you peace and love in your travels and beyond….take good care of each other and enjoy every precious moment as best you can….”no feeling is final”……

  9. Dear Tom/5 of you,

    Thx for this. I am sad that this site will be ‘discontinued’, as I have read it a lot & had lived vicariously through your fun travel times.

    But I get it.

    This site has helped me feel more connected to your family. So even though we aren’t the closest of friends, I ache too for you all from the loss of Anne.

    Japan & Ramen sound like a wonderful trip. Nihon ni kaerimasu :-) We are headed to Kyoto in November, so I’ve been learning Japanese.


    Take good good care my friend.

    Hope we’ll see each other later this year.

  10. what transcribed into ‘??????’ from japanese character was supposed to say

    yoi go-ryokoo o / aka have a nice trip.

    somehow the effect was lost … :-)

  11. May God continue to heal your hearts and fill your lives with strength and hope. You and your family are a true inspiration!

  12. Tom. You don’t know me, and I don’t know you. However I have read your family’s blog off and on for years – first, because our family was considering an extended trip; then because I was interested (curious?) about your re-entry; and then because I was saddened about your family’s hardships and heartbreak. I very much respect your deciding to discontinue the site. And at the same time did not want to lose the opportunity to thank you and your family for the gift of this blog. Well beyond the insights about your year of travel, you have provided an inspiring role model for what it means to be a family and to be caring and concerned members of society. As I said, I don’t profess to know you, yet I do want to extend my deepest condolences to you and your family for your unfathomable loss. And I want to thank you again for the inspiration you’ve provided over the years for the rest of us “in the world”.

  13. Tom and Family, I loved reading your site and sorry to see it go. But you and your family are the best judges of what is best for your healing. I understand that you believe in God . I hope it comforts you to read about the hope of the resurrection in the bible. Anne will be alive again in the future in this earth transformed into a paradise free of pollution, crime, hate, wars, sickness and death. She will return to a much better Earth than when she fell asleep in death. What joy! As Christ himself said in John 5:28,29 “Do not marvel because the hour is coming when all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out …” and Anne will be one of those described in Psalms 37:29 “The righteous themselves will possess the earth. And they will reside forever upon it”. Hang in there Tom, and draw close to Jehovah God because that time is very close. I wish your family the very best.

  14. You are not only up there as motivation for family travel, but also making the most of life’s journey, as you never know quite when you’ll reach the final destination. Take Anne to Japan and enjoy.

    To us you will always be Six.

    Chris, Rachel, Fin & Sadie xxxx

  15. Hi,
    I have been following your family’s blog and it is one of the reasons I decided to even try around the world travel with my family. Oh, the strength of your Anne through certain situations I would have surely lost it. I guess I’m being selfish when I say I don’t want this blog to end, but it has taught me so much, about life…and myself. I do hope you continue to write, even though you are ending this blog. Your writing is quite honest and amazing. My family and I are off tomorrow; We begin our journey so I wanted to stop by and say Thanks. Thanks for letting me peek into your life, for giving me strength to follow my dreams and for just being you guys.

  16. You’re blog has been a deeply personal inspiration to me since it’s beginning. Thank you for sharing your journey in it’s entirety.

  17. I am saddened to hear that the posts are coming to an end, but I can understand that it may be the best thing to do. I have followed your family’s journey through the wonderful times of Oprah and travelling the world, to the darker times without your lovely Anne. I’m sure there will be many people like myself who will forever keep your family in our prayers and hope that you move towards a life of peace and happiness always.

    I look forward to reading the remaining posts. Safe travels in Japan!

    …and as the post previous to this one states – to us you truly will always be Six

  18. Maricia,

    Thank you for the note. The site now is inspiration to me as well. It feels like a lifetime ago and rather than discontinue it, I have just let it go fallow for a while. Thanks again for the note.


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