A Minor Update

The words of a friend have been weighing heavily on me the last few days. We had breakfast during the middle of last week and he obviously asked about Anne and how she was doing. I shared and along with sharing how she was doing I told him I have had a very hard time posting anything to our website or Facebook about it. I mentioned that I very much like sharing good news and love the shared hope we have with all our friends. However, during the crazy roller coaster we are on, I find it very hard to share the struggles and the minor wins. My friend and I have shared notes over the years as he has a close friend who has been fighting cancer a little longer than Anne. When I told him how I felt, he mentioned that his friend has the same problems with sharing, and that he had been silent for a while, and everyone was very worried. His friend passed away on Friday.

I don’t want to sugar coat what we are going through but I also don’t want people to assume because I have been quiet that everything is in the toilet. So briefly, Anne was in the hospital for about 37 days. The surgery was potentially risky and we thought we were over the immediate hump when the surgery was successful. But, before she was in the recovery room, her doctor let us know that the next 4 days would be very critical and there were potential complications for which there was no cure. After 4 days we exhaled another big sigh of relief but it was another 3 weeks before we could get Anne home, three long weeks complete with major ups and downs. She is home and we have nurses at our house about every day. She is getting stronger and we are working with doctors to get her into another type of treatment but that is also a long road. The kids are all doing well, we continue to have the most amazing support system anyone could hope for and we remain faithful that Anne can get through this. We also are faithful that if that is not meant to be, our family will be together again and we are grateful for that and all else we have.

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  1. Hey Tom. Thanks so much for posting an update. Thinking of you, Anne and the kids, and sending every positive/healing/hopeful thought her way. Hang in there, and if you guys need absolutely anything at all just say the word.

  2. Hey Tom,

    Thank you so much for sharing. Ingrid and I think about you guys often and you are in our thoughts. You are an amazingly strong family. Hang in there and let me know if you need anything at all.

  3. Thanks also for the update. All the best that wishing well can provide for you and Anne.

  4. Tom I read your updates with the greatest interest and optimism.
    Thank you from my heart for opening a window onto Anne’s fight.
    I am continually inspired by all of you and hold you in my prayers each day.
    Evan should be home in a couple of weeks. He – all of us,
    would like very much to see you all.

  5. It has been about 2 years since I last saw you in person Tom and I know that between then and now it could feel like multiple lives have been lived. The ups… the downs… You always struck me as a positive person and your love and strong support for your family was clear from the beginning as well. I know we do not share the same beliefs, but I just wanted you to know that I never stopped carrying your family in my thoughts since I learned of what you had ahead. My head has a lot of things moving in and out all of the time and there are a very small number of people that remain without physically appearing in my life.

    Easy for me to be hopeful and optimistic from so far away, but I figure my thoughts and hopes may have a positive effect somehow. It is good to hear that what I first learned about your character remains with you today. Your family is truly blessed by the love you share.

    — robbie

  6. Thanks for posting Tom. I think a lot about Anne, you and the children and sending all positive thoughts your way.

  7. Hugs to you, Tom. Sending our prayers and love to Anne, you and your beautiful family.

  8. Thanks for the minor update Tom. You, Anne, and the kids remain in our prayers. We continue to be touched by the faith, attitude of gratitude, and the ‘fight’ and acceptance in your family. Best of luck with the new treatment. Sending hugs & positive thoughts your way. – Annie & Q

  9. Many, many prayers have been said and we’ll do our part and keep it up.
    Thank you for sharing these intimate moments.

  10. I don’t know you or Anne or your children, but I have been inspired by your family time and time again from afar. I read this post and welled up. As a family that has travelled extensively and touched as many lives as you have, I know there are friends and family galore holding you in there hearts. Please also know that there are also strangers around the world, like me, rooting for you all. I wish you peace and joy and gratitude and togetherness.

  11. May the love of friends bring you comfort and may the love of God bring you peace. Sending prayers from our ohana to yours.

  12. Tom,
    We’re grateful for the updates but understanding of the gaps between them. Rest assured that you’re in our thoughts throughout.
    Best to Anne, you and your family.

  13. It’s more than obvious that Anne is surrounded by such love and support. Thoughts and prayers and with you and your family. Stay strong ~

  14. Take care and know we are all rooting for you. What ever is thrown your way Heavenly Father is still always near. Remember that. I pray for your burdens to be lifted periodically as a family and joy to fill your hearts. With Love, Janet and Kurt

  15. I am praying for Anne and your family. I am a former ELNKer. I never had the pleasure of meeting you but I can certainly say that whenever your name came up people spoke very highly of you. I know everyone is praying and sending positive, loving thoughts your way. Stay strong.

  16. Tom and Anne,

    We pray for you and your family to continue fighting. You are in our thoughts. May the love of God bring you peace and strength.


  17. Tom,

    I have been following your posts and thank you for sharing this update. All though we don’t get to see each other much and we are on different coasts you are my friend. You are one of the most kind and positive people I know. Ja-Nae and I will pray for Anne and the family.

    I know that you and Anne and the kids will be taking that awesome round-the-world cruise soon. That is what will be in my thoughts for you both.

    Stay positive and may God’s love be with you both always.


  18. Tom and Anne,
    Thank you for sharing. We’ve been thinking of you a lot, and are grateful to know how you are doing. You are in our thoughts and prayers always and we send you love and courage and hope that you have happy and easier times together soon.
    Annie & Julian

  19. Be strong, Tom, and we’ll try to be half as courageous from here. Thank you for the news; that you have energy to think of others, and how we might be considering your ordeal, is testament to your and Anne’s faith and largeness of heart.

  20. Just wanted you to know how grateful I am for your example of faith and hope in the hardest of circumstances. Your willingness to share the hard along with the good has blessed me and, I’m sure, many others. Wishing you the greatest blessings of comfort and peace for whatever comes your way!

  21. Dear Tom, Anne, children and Andrus and Christensen family;

    I was informed of this news 3 days ago, as Mindi and Greg and myself lunched while Greg was in town. We were all properly humbled by this news, and knowing you all so well and considering you all as family, makes this tough on all that love you. Know that you are all in fact loved, thought about, and considered always, as we gather as family. I don’t know the “why’s” Tom, though in my naïveté youth I believed I had all the answers. Now I only have the “how to’s” and you all are fine examples of the latter. Bless you all as you struggle courageously. I love you!
    Patti Hatch

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