Round 3

I can’t believe I am writing this so soon. I think we knew it was a possibility because once you are in the cancer world you don’t ever really leave it, but at least you hope you will get some years between the battles. Unfortunately, in life, timing is not something we can always control. We didn’t get the break we expected and Anne is fully in the battle with cancer again.

As I wrote in the last post, we decided in January to define our new normal. It was time for me to get a real job, it was time for Anne to embrace life beyond cancer and it was time for our kids to become more of a focus.

I was thrilled to see Anne embrace life. She emerged from her chemo fog and started planning trips with the kids. I’m not sure how they came up with a round-the-world cruise as a goal, but they did. She started buying books again and I started referring to the UPS guy as her boyfriend because he brought her a present from Amazon every day.
She started taking a computer science class with Kieran at When the class proved to be too difficult for Kieran, she kept going and, true to her Phi Beta Kappa roots, she made getting an “A” in the class a goal.

I was fortunate enough to get a few professional options and decided to take a job with AEG as the SVP and GM of It is a great company and I am excited about the team and the opportunities we have to improve the ticketing and live event experience.
Again, timing is not within our control and the week I started, work, Anne had a test alerting us that her cancer had spread. After my first day and happy hour, Anne and I ended up spending the night in the emergency room with her 4th or 5th intestinal blockage. The previous blockages have all resolved in a couple of days, but this one is holding on and will require surgery.

Unfortunately our kids are not getting to be the focus, but they are blessed with great friends and grandparents who are helping to keep their lives going. They also are coming together for each other.

This isn’t an easy post to write. By nature, I don’t like sharing negatives with the world, however during round 1 and round 2 we felt prayers, good wishes and thoughts from everyone and we know they helped Anne recover. It’s time to add her name back to the prayer roles and circles, plant flags in mountains for her, stick prayers in walls, light candles, wish her well in your heart and reach out spiritually, however you are comfortable.

We are aggressively pursuing treatment. Anne has a regiment of alternative and conventional medicine she follows. She has added radiation for the first time and will be working with doctors to find the state of the art treatment for her.

Feel free to leave comments, although we will probably be unable to respond.

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  1. Tom, we certainly appreciate being kept up to date on your family’s news, even when it is very difficult to share. Glad to know Daddy Dave will be with you soon and we want You to know we’re remembering you in our prayers….trusting the Lord to provide the peace, comfort and healing that you family needs at this time.

  2. Oh Anne! Oh Tom! please please please get well. will think of you and pray every moment i can.

  3. Some prayers and positive energy from Australia. Your family travels were inspirational to us and your current battle Anne reminds me of why we took the leap to follow in your footsteps. Thinking of you all.

  4. Uncle Ken and Aunt Sandy add much love, continuing prayers, concern and positive thoughts and vibes to those you’ve already received, for ALL of you, family and extended family alike. You are in our hearts and on our minds daily.

  5. Anne and Tom,
    We found your website awhile back when planning our own around the world year with our children, and have been following your recent challenges as well. We continue to hold your family in our thoughts over each evening meal — as we light our family candles and go around the table sharing our “favorite things” from the day. Even though we do not know your personally, we can feel your strength, hope, and brilliance through your words and openness. Sending you all so much energy, comfort, and power to get through this next challenge.

    Much love,
    Jodi, Zander, Miles, Anina Blu, and Luka in Portland, Oregon

  6. Tom, Anne and family, thoughts and prayers are coming your direction. We love, support, and are thinking about you!

  7. Tom, Anne and beautiful family,

    You remain in our prayers,…sending you much light and healing vibrations from Asia. Having just been through a cancer battle with a close family member and dealing with my own severe illness for the last two years, as we managed to limp along on our on-going 6 year family world tour, my heart goes out to you all.

    I just wrote a post about things that helped me, not sure if it will be of any use to you, but thought I’d pass it along.

    Please do consider trying a session with Michael Hayes who lives near you, as he is the best and most clear healer I have ever met and I have seen him do miraculous healings over the years besides my own. ( I just worked with him twice for this, both times very powerful, but the second one brought in such deep healing in minutes that it changed me forever):

    This has also been a big help to some with cancer ( and MS, etc) and was recently recommended to me from Bertrand Babinet ( see Babinetics if you want more ideas….another healer who knows a LOT about dealing with cancer as his wife is battling it). I am trying to track it down in Asia for myself as I am at 90% now and want to be at 100%.

    Also, this friend who was given 6 months to live from cancer that had spread to all her major organs in 2001 and is healthy today ( I saw her in December) might inspire and help you:

    I was also greatly helped by this easily downloadable “Health From the Inside Out ” packet that someone recommended….especially the body balance meditation tape that comes with it that I continue to listen to daily. Powerful for me in my healing process.

    I hope some of this can help you or that you find whatever you need to win your battle. May God’s love enfold you on your journey!

  8. I check in on your blog every now and then – you guys inspired me to explore the world with my kids, though on a much smaller scale. How wonderful it is to create lasting memories with the people you love!

    Thanks for continuing to share your journey. We wish and hope the best for Anne.
    Your family is in our prayers.

  9. Tom and Anne,

    You have been an inspiration to me, when I first decided to plan our own world tour with my family 2 years ago and continue to be. We did it and continue to live off the memories. I have been secretly following your blog for about 3-4 years and I finally decided to let you know that even though you don’t know me and I don’t really know you, I think of you often and you are always in my prayers. Keep you chin up and embrace your every second together as a family. You have made this world a better place for many people including me.

  10. Hello nice and inspiring family,

    I echo Lyane’s words but the only difference is that I’m still planning our world’s tour with our three girls (my husband things I’m crazy due to our world crisis! so i’m still alone on dreamimg with it).
    Although we are praying from the other site of the ocean I hope it will give you all hope and the strenght to win this battle once more!
    I will share with you this link that reports an experience that a colleague of mine was blessed with. Sorry but I couldn’t keep it only to me without trying to share it with you and, who knows, if it can bless Anne also:

    Warm Regards from Portugal and I hope you’ll all visit us soon and add our country to your family’s adventures!
    Sónia & family

  11. Dear Tom and Anne –

    I found your blog last year while planning our own upcoming RTW travel adventure. I’ve recently been reading about your current struggle with cancer. Your honesty, strength and courage are amazing and truly inspirational, and my prayers and thoughts are with you during this difficult period of time. Take care.

  12. Tom and Anne, so sorry to hear this. Wanted you to know we are keeping your family in our prayers and hoping for miracles. May the Lord bless you with strength to keep fighting the good fight and comfort in battling the low points. God Bless you all.

  13. Tom + Family=
    I first caught up with you at the end of your round the world trip. I’ve never commented before, but every once in awhile I check back up on you.
    There isn’t much to say is there? It all runs together and means little at a time like this.
    I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you all, and I’m sending you love and good intentions from afar.
    Wishing you wellness and peace.

  14. I don’t know what prompts me to check your blog periodically, but whenever I do there’s news. This time not great but hopefully you’ll get time to read these wonderful messages of support and feel the love of so many people around the world. We’re thinking of you xxxx

  15. Hi Tom,
    I don’t think I ever had the pleasure of meeting Anne when we worked together at ELNK, but all my best thoughts and wishes go out to you and your family as you try to cope with this. Hang in there and know you have a lot of folks keeping you in their thoughts and prayers.

  16. i have been planning a rtw trip with my family for next yr and often come to this site not just for amazing information you have but also to see how you guys are all doing, ive never left a message before but ive just read your latest post and ive got tears in my eyes please please let anne be fine i will be preying for you and your lovely family and im sure things will be ok, much love the eyre family hastings uk xxxxxxx

  17. Hey You Guys!

    I just happened to stumble across your FB pages and wondered how you were doing. Now I know. Holy cow! Great big love and blessings upon you and your whole family!


  18. Dear Tom,

    Our family loves you and Anne and Dax, McCain, Kirin and Asher so very much! We hold beautiful Anne in our prayers every day and night. We would love to just say that we are here for you guys and any and every way, every day if we are ever needed! Sending all of our hugs and kisses you you all! The Fullmers

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