Holy Cow!

It is hard to believe that is was only a year and 3 months ago that Anne was diagnosed with Cancer. It has been a long 15 months. The last 5 months have been exceptionally trying and tender. When Anne had her recurrence and was diagnosed with metastatic disease, our lives, which were already shaky from beating it the first time were turned upside down. Since then we have been working incredibly hard to help her recover, applying everything from the latest medical treatments to prayer and fasting to diet changes to some alternative treatments, however we have also been bracing ourselves for the worst case. Even as we did everything we could, we were blind to the effectiveness of our efforts. Anne’s energy has lagged and in many ways her suffering has increased over the 5 months. We were not sure if this was from a spread of the cancer or was a side effect of the chemo. Anne had tests last week and Tuesday we met with the oncologist who told us that Anne’s cancer is once again in remission and all the spots of cancer which were spreading quickly a few month ago, show no signs of life. This is the best possible news we could hear! All the suffering she is going through is working. We still have months of chemo to make sure it is gone and she has other side effects, but we are jumping for joy at the opportunity to continue to figure out our lives together and hopefully once again travel to far off places together.

31 thoughts on “Holy Cow!

  1. That is great news!
    You have been in my thoughts for years , first when I was following you travelling around the world and than Anne’s battle for life.
    You have been all so inspirational in every possible way.
    I’m so happy for you today, lovely news.

    I wish you only the best and keep strong as always!

  2. Fantastic! I have also been following your family for years although we’ve never met. I admire Anne and wish you all the best.

  3. We were talking about you and Anne just last night. I am so thrilled to hear the news that the cancer is back in remission! That is unbelievably exciting!

    You remain in our thoughts and prayers!

  4. Oh happy day!!!! So cliche, but that’s how I feel. Sweet miracles really do happen. Much love and massive amounts of hugs to you and the crew… especially <90. 😉 We love you!!! xo

  5. Yeah!! I thrilled to hear your good news. Stay strong and keep fighting it sounds like its paying off. Xoxo

  6. Yea! May your family feel the love and warmth from all of us whom you may never meet other than through the web and may it help support your foundation of strength and hope. Hugs from my family of six to each of you!

  7. This is encouraging news, thank you for updating your blog. It is also encouraging to hear of people trying all the options and doing good things for their health. I bet you guys have learned so much about the body through this process.

  8. Keep up the Herculean effort; it’s an inspiration! I am so happy to hear this “holy cow” news :-) Recovery is a one-day-at-a-time journey. You & your family continue to travel to faraway places, just not physically, but spiritually & mentally :-). And we hope someday, physically again :-) We continue to pray for you. Big hugs to you & Anne & all the kids!

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