Happy Cancerversary

So I was wrong and I did have another cancer post, because Anne deserves it.

In what is hopefully the first of many, I want to wish Anne a happy cancerversary. It may have only been a year ago that Anne was rushed into the emergency room, but it feels like a lifetime ago. It has easily been the hardest year of our lives but we have also experienced great growth and have drawn even closer to each other. The rollercoaster we are on took another serious dip 2 months ago, but I am glad to say we are once again headed uphill.

Anne climbing a hill

Let it be uphill from here.

To the professionals who didn’t think Anne would see this day, I am glad you are wrong.

To the professionals who thought she could beat this and be cured one day, I pray you are right.

To the friends and family who have done so much for us, thank you again and again and again. Although Anne deserves the majority of the credit, we would not be here without your help and prayers. We are incredibly blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people.

To our God and Eternal Father, thank you for all the miracles, past, present and future.

Happy Mom loading the calories

Anne getting loves and calories

9 thoughts on “Happy Cancerversary

  1. celebrate, celebrate, celebrate ….
    thank you for sharing your life. what a great family –
    Ivy ( nyc )

  2. Here’s to many more! Our two and four year old almost never leave Anne out of their prayers. Our two year old simply says “fank you Anne”.

  3. She does deserve another post :) and I am so grateful that she is doing so much better. The brief chemo break seems to have done wonders. Oh that, and that the chemo is working.

    We love you all sooo sooo much.

  4. Such great news that things are again looking up!
    Wishing you much more, and even better, good news ahead.

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