It is a Karmic world, thank you @clementlehman

About 5 years ago, I was walking to dinner in Atlanta and I came across a wallet in the gutter. I picked it up and it had two things in it: 8 $100 bills and a pink business card with a girl’s name in parentheses and a Florida phone number. When I got it home, I joked with Anne about the possible origins of the mysterious business card. It could belong to the owner of the wallet or to his girlfriend. Of course those were the good scenarios, but our minds quickly raced to much more vice-like professions. Anne encouraged me to call the number from work the next day, so as not to end up on the bad side of a “john” sting. The owner of the number was a beautician in Florida, and she knew the person who was visiting Atlanta and had lost his wallet. By that night two well-coiffed guys showed up at our door, properly identified the wallet, and left us with an orchid.

This week as Anne was going through her last round of chemo, that honest deed was repaid. I am still not exactly sure how it happened (my mind was pretty foggy and I don’t have Anne’s excuse for fog). After chemo was over, we had lunch about a block down the street and then went back to the medical building for Anne’s accupuncture appointment. As I dropped her off, I realized my iPad was missing. I assumed I had left it in the restaurant. Dax and I rushed back to where we had been sitting. We asked everyone there if they had seen anything. We called the cops, waited for two hours, and filled out a report. We didn’t expect to get it back, just wanted to check the box in case our insurance policy had a low deductible, which it didn’t. I returned home iPadless, a little sad, but given everything else that’s been going on, this wasn’t the tragedy it would have been a few months earlier. Then at 11:30 that night I got an email from someone who had found my iPad in the street, taken it home, charged it (how long was it in the street?), and then used the information in it to let me know he found it. Talk about lucky, talk about karma. The next day, Anne and her mom showed up at his office with a Blockbuster gift card (not great, but better than an orchid to a straight guy) and brought home my iPad.

Ipad with a picture of Chile

Lost Ipad with a picture of Chile

This little moment of karma got me thinking about all the amazing gifts, care, meals, prayers, well wishes, and heart felt hugs our friends and family have coming to them after this last five months of giving to us. Anne is now done with her chemo. For the next week she will dive into her worst days one more time, but then we will start putting our lives back together. It is perhaps naïve of us to think there might not be issues down the road, but Anne’s disease has not followed the path predicted by the doctors who blindly subscribe to percentages and this summer gave us no hope. We have chosen to be optimistic and believe the positive doctors who treat the outliers and whose path is one of “curative intent” rather than “making [Anne] comfortable.” We also gain hope from all the prayers on our behalf. We like to think of ourselves as an intellectual family but we also are a spiritual family who believe in miracles. We recognize those miracles along the way, both the big life extension ones and the little day to day ones we receive from our loved ones. Looking forward Anne will be scanned every three months to make sure she is free of disease. As a family we, will do all we can to make sure her skans stay positive. We are going to continue to improve our diets, lifestyle, stress management, and show an increase in gratitude and giving to both those around us and to our Creator.

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  1. Beautiful thoughts from beautiful people. I’m so proud to be related to you guys!
    I hope the next several days pass by quickly and the “upswing” can get started soon.

  2. What a beautiful lesson for your kids to have learned from you (returning the wallet) and from the honest soul that brought you back your iPad. We read so many horrible things in the news everyday, it’s so nice to see there really are good people out there (I believe it’s more than this world gives credit for). Hope the healing process continues for Anne and you all enjoy a beautiful and healthy New Year! Merry Christmas!

  3. Ditto to cuz Jenny’s sentiments,,, hoping all the best for you from here on out and very happy that honesty is still out there in the real world as well as in little towns like ours. Always wonderful to see the good in people come shining through. A gift card to block buster may not be a huge thank you but as you have seen good things come to those that do good… so they will no doubt get a break of their own someday. And a thank you, after all, for a good deed, should be reward enough. :-) Love you all.

  4. Glad to hear about some of the good in this world. Thankful that you, Anne and your family see the miracles all around you. We’ll keep praying for blessings for all of you. We hope Anne feels better quickly and can enjoy time with the family this Christmas. Merry Christmas!

  5. Thanks for sharing your good news :-) Glad you got your i-pad back and so happy to hear the news of Anne’s health. She continues to be in my prayers.

  6. Yes! I am so glad Anne is done and that you all have each other to love, hold and can celebrate together. Your family represents a new (to me) idea I am working on remembering. Our thoughts are like magnets, they attract – that which is like unto itself is drawn. You have been thinking the best and therefore attracting the best outcome possible!! Plus Anne is just one tough woman.

    Much love and light,
    Theresa, Otis and Dace

  7. You have no idea how many people your family has inspired. We are doing a several month bicycle tour with our young baby this summer, motivated in part by your round the world journey. We thank you for that. Please know you are in our thoughts and we’re hoping for a healthy 2011 for all of you.

    Karen, Casey, Eli and Kiwi

  8. Karen,

    Thanks for thoughts and thanks for telling us. I am equally inspired by all the people who step out of their comfort zone and do something amazing. A 7 month bicycle trip towing a baby is definitely out of the comfort zone. Enjoy.

  9. I can not express how inspirational you and your family has been to me and mine. Of all the family rtw sites we pour over, yours is the one we return to over and over as we plan our own trip beginning Aug 2011. We were first attracted as we have teenagers and have found few examples of families with older kids. The reports by and experiences of Dax were especially relevant and exciting to us. We were so thrilled to hear he is going to Oxford – clearly no dire academic results as are predicted by many of our friends. Finally I want to express appreciation for how you have shared so much with so many. It has made a really big difference to us. All the best to your wonderful family.

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