Everyday a Field Trip

Yesterday I had the distinct privilege of accompanying Asher and her kindergarten class on a field trip to a local dairy. We rode in a hay wagon, fed some hungry barnyard mammals, and stuck our fingers in the sucking extremities of a cow milking machine. One of our neighbors was also a chaperone. As I extended a pellet-filled hand to feed a voracious, slobbering goat, she observed, “This is normal for you guys, isn’t it?”

Asher and her class at a red tractorAsher feeding goats

What she meant of course was that for 11 months every day was a field trip for our family. As master itinerary and activity planner, the Julie McCoy of our RTW adventure, I got to decide just how exciting or different each day would be. Would we ride elephants, teach English at a school, raft down a river, explore ancient ruins, or wander through a museum? Would we take an extra day in a city to relax or book a bus to a completely different destination? Would we climb a snow-capped mountain, descend into a glowworm-filled cave, or venture into a critter-filled rainforest? No matter what we decided to do, it was always engaging and never mundane.

Cows at Kagle Dairy

Now, three months after returning, a field trip is an exception to our schedule rather than the norm. I’d be lying if I said this didn’t make me sad. I pine for the freedom and adventure, for the intellectual stimulation and physical challenge our travels provided. As the weeks roll by and the distance from our traveling days grows, I wonder how long it will be before we can set off again. Perhaps what I really should think about though is how can I make each day at home inspiring for my family, just as I tried to on the road.

Maybe we’re doing better than I give us credit for. In the past week, Dax’s band threw a concert/party in the yard, we had Asher’s last soccer game and party, we went to a christmas tree farm for a “trunk or treat,” we attended a city council meeting where the Mayor presented our church with a proclamation we sponsored (and I submitted as part of my current calling), Tom carved pumpkins and roasted seeds with the little kids, and I shepherded them through the neighborhood while they gathered enough candy to feed a small country.

Kegan and Dax rocking awaySpencer with his power rock stance

Carving pumpkins, Kierans is Captain UnderpantsAnne with her proclomation marking November as Family Month

Not bad, but here’s where we were this time last year…Sigh….

Wonderful scenery in ChinaIMG_9534

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6 thoughts on “Everyday a Field Trip

  1. It’s great that the kids are adjusting so well. I was at the base camp of Mount Everest last Halloween and it’s really hard to compare the things you can do at home to something like that.

    By the way, I haven’t been getting email updates for the last few posts. I’m not sure if you have stopped sending out updates but if you haven’t I thought you’d like to know.

  2. After that big trip, I think you need to settle down! Think of it like this, you can make the most of surroundings where ever that may be. Why move when you can have a great life where you are now?

    Enjoy your home life where it is, get to know your neighbors, and learn to love what you have.

  3. I read your India trip blog fully and found it fascinating. What we in India take for granted is a matter of astonishment and alarm for visitors from other countries. I have to read it again to digest it fully. I will then read your blogs about other countries.

    My daughter came across your blog and compelled me to read as she was raving about it. I too love travel blogs and have read quite a few of them. Yours is right up at the top.

  4. I agree with the other Jordan(not because I want you to settle down) but cuz I want mac to stay and if you do move at least keep the website up and I’ll pretend your going on another RTW trip yeah that might just work

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