On the Road Again! Wait, Suitcases? That’s Not Right.

Anne’s Preface: Last weekend, McKane, Dax and I took a three-day trip to Seattle. Tom, Kieran, and Asher stayed home and lived it up by visiting Waffle House, IHOP, and Chuck E. Cheese in a 48-hour pancake and pizza binge. Here’s what McKane had to say about our quick trip…his first post-RTW travel experience.

It felt strange to travel with only Dax and Mom, but it felt downright wrong to travel with suitcases. After a whole year of backpacking, I couldn’t stand the thought of going back to rollerbags. What’s more, I don’t know if Mom added this somewhere before, but if it were up to me, I would only stay in hostels. I would never stay in a Sheraton while traveling unless we won some kind of prize to a resort. We stayed at the Woodmark Hotel in Seattle and it was pretty nice, but it just made me miss backpacking in all its glory.

Woodmark Hotel Lobby

We did have some adventure during our weekend in Seattle though. As we were driving in the real estate agent’s car through an intersection, the wheel somehow just popped off of her Escalade. I dropped to one side of the car, and watched the wheel, tire and all, zoom through the traffic, hit a curb, fly about five feet up in the air, and roll straight into the garden of a bank. Meanwhile our car leaned over to one side, and the brake dug into the road leaving a deep line from where the wheel flew off, to where we came to a complete stop.

Guy with Escalade WheelDax and the Errant WheelHanging with the Escalade

After about 3 1/2 to 4 hours of looking at more houses in a different car, we decided it was time to have some more fun. So we got dropped off at a park to meet up with Otis and Dace. Otis is a friend of my parents from college, and Dace is his insanely crazy, energetic 4 year old. We left the park and went over to their house. This made Dace very excited, He showed off all his toys and his bug-eyed Boston Terrier, Gee Gee, who was just as crazy as Dace, but most of all he just wanted to wrestle with me and Dax. Otis ordered some pizza, and after the pizza, jet lag worked its magic, so Otis drove us back to our hotel.

Mac and Dace in Bellevue Mac and Dace Rip It Up

The next day we met up with some people we didn’t expect to see when we left Georgia. Charles O’Neill, formerly a missionary in our ward, and his wife, Marie, a friend of my mom’s. Together we left the hotel to eat some burgers and head to the EMP (Experience Music Project), a museum-like building , right next to the Space Needle that has old band costumes, the history of guitars, the history of emcees, and and area where you can make your own music with guitars, drums, keyboards, mixing tables, basses, and all sorts of instruments.

Space Needle and EMP EMP with the O'Neills

From there where to go? Otis and Dace’s house of course! The O’Neills dropped us off at our hotel and we waited as Otis and Dace drove over to the Woodmark. When they got there they wanted to see our room so they came up, and Dace went wild. Otis was worried that Dace would break things so we left to a mall.

The reason we were in Seattle was to see if it was a place that we could move. Anytime the word “move” comes up, I get shivers. Because of Dad’s job search, one of his jobs involved us moving to Seattle, something that I never want to do. I don’t want to move anywhere. I’m all settled in and then Mom and Dad bring up moving.

Everyone is probably wondering how I adapted to school after the trip. Nothing really changed except for I wasn’t there last year so I was new to all the students that didn’t go to–dare I say the name–Alpharetta Elementary.

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6 thoughts on “On the Road Again! Wait, Suitcases? That’s Not Right.

  1. The Seattle area is great- expensive housing though- but you will never be bored! There’s so much to do here and the scenery is beautiful. And… shhhh… don’t tell anyone but it does not rain all the time. “There’s nothing like Seattle in the summertime,” a friend of mine likes to say.

    I’ve been an avid reader for just over a year and am pleased to say that I’m leaving on my own RTW starting next April. As soon as a get a blog up I’ll be sure to pass it along.

  2. You were out here in Seattle?? And you might move here?? Hooray.

    (We’re in the Seattle Stake and would love to offer any words of advice. We’re always anxious for more kids in Primary! We love it here, by the way.)

  3. Aw, I LOVE Seattle! And it doesn’t rain there all of the time. There is sooooo much to do but I imagine the housing a MUCH more expensive than Atlanta. I would move there in a second from Arizona but my English husband doesn’t want to live in the rain anymore. :)

  4. Hi Andrus family!

    How are you all doing after returning home?
    I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw you on the Oprah show. The show with your item in it was broadcasted last Monday in the Netherlands. I thought to myself: I know those people! What a coincidence!
    We met at NorthSouth Backpackers in Pretoria, South Africa. I remember one of the boys (I think it was Dax) busy with Limewire and helping me out with my own Limewire troubles, while sitting on the veranda of the backpackers. And all of a sudden there were small kids playing and running around!

    Your description of the biltong shop in the mall made me go down memory lane myself… I still miss SA a lot! And it was such a wonderful experience for me, also because of the people I met with their inspiring stories. I certainly count your family among those inspiring people!
    I started reading your blog with great pleasure (during work :s) and I’m convinced that you gave the children one of the most valuable experiences ever. I admire you for that! I can imagine it must be hard adapting to being back home again…

    You probably have no clue who I am, since you must have met too many people along the way. On my website you will find my own impressions of South Africa (funny how you find similar pictures on other people’s websites) and of NortSouth Backpackers in particular. Maybe this will ring a bell.

    I wish you all the best!
    Loes Peçak

    PS. Tom, I know what you mean when it comes to Polish cuisine. I have Polish roots and when I visit my family, it’s all about eating and we usually gain a few pounds while visiting. But it’s mmmmmmmmmm! Glad you enjoy it too!

  5. WE had SUCH a great time with Ann, Dax and McCane. The little dude is still asking when we can come visit the Andri in HotLanta.

    I know there is little to no chance in having you move to the Emerald City, particularly since you measure every town against Santa Monica.

  6. Thanks for keeping in touch with messages of your adventures! I agree with you on Seattle having made several short trips to that city. Glad you liked it. I’m sending this from England where I’m visiting my family here and in Spain.

    Best wishes.


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