Ramen  013

Top 6 things I miss about life on the road

There is nothing like the sickeningly sweet smell of cow carcasses wafting through a Bolivian market, the cacophony of aromas rising out of a Vietnamese one, with flowers on one side of the aisle and dying, flapping fish on the other, or the adventure of getting to know one Thai dessert food vendor out of a hundred and then frequenting her stand each day to purchase whatever homemade delicacy she has on offer…. The World as Our Playground – At home we watch Kieran and Asher torment bugs, jump off rocks, and play with animals, but it’s just not the same as seeing them leap off ledges at ancient Khmer temples, set up ant fights in the middle of a Roman colosseum, or chase llamas through the ancient Incan ruins of Machu Picchu…. The shock of our 1950’s era apartment in Bulgaria and disappointment of a daytime visit to the underwhelming fortress ruins were countered by the discovery of a cheap, delicious pizza restaurant where we dined with fascinating fellow travelers and an evening stroll to the edge of town where we watched the ruins come alive courtesy of a world class sound and laser show.Other times our days were just one exciting adventure after another…. After my meal, I was sorry for the other patrons, sorry for the sweet little Japanese couple who can’t serve their native food in its lowfat form, and mostly sorry for me because my food was so dry I actually had to use my fry sauce.