Toro, Toro…3-2-1 Bungy

There is so much we want to tell you, yet we’re trying to be judicious as we sort through our muddled emotions and ongoing post-travel shock. For today, we thought we’d share something someone else has to say about us. Carly Blatt interviewed us a few weeks ago for a piece she wrote for Matador Travel, an independent traveler’s online haven. She was spot on in her representation of what our trip was all about and even went so far as to post her story in the Innovators category of Matador’s Traverse Magazine. If you’re interested, check it out here at Matador Travel.

matador travel article

Carly is a passionate traveler herself and called Dax last night to find out more about his various adrenaline exploits around the globe. She was particularly interested in his South African bungy jump, of which we realized we never posted video. How could this be? You might recall it is the world’s HIGHEST commercial bungy jump–a whopping 709 feet–and the intrepid Dax faced it without hesitation. While I wish you could all be at the Bloukrans Bridge on the breathtakingly beautiful Garden Route to witness the jump yourselves, for the moment you’ll have to settle for the footage below. Check it out and let Dax know what you think! He hasn’t found anything to rival it in our Atlanta environs just yet.

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7 thoughts on “Toro, Toro…3-2-1 Bungy

  1. You daredevil you Daxy Boy…That was a mighty effort mate..It must be twice as long as any other bungy I’ve seen. did your eyes want to explode???You werent een scared. Bravo. we want an Encore!

    Your Australian Buddy from Moffat Beach

  2. Hi Guys,
    You know I have been reading your travel updates ever since I saw you on the Oprah show. I quickly caught up with all your old posts and have been an avid fan of your family now for several months. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences, I love to travel and one of my dreams is to see the great pyramids, however I now have several dreams of places I would love to see..I would love to travel the world and in a sense I was able to do so with you! All of you have such a great way of expressing your wonderment and all the pictures were fantastic. Keep it up! I look forward to seeing more of your posts..oh and I would love to read a book about your travels. Take care and keep the posts coming!

  3. Hi! I’ve loved keeping up with your travels. I’m a lover of travel myself, and can relate to U.S. “re-entry” shock. Good luck as you all continue to adjust.

    I’m inspired, particularly, by the entries written by your sons. My husband and I have two boys (four and six) and hope to travel overseas with them in the future. To imagine that they might communicate so well about their experiences… (a mom can dream!). Truly, you must be so proud of their writing, and of all the kids for how well they did on the trip! You are a special family, and I’m inspired by you.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Hi Kooky (Strange name, yes. It’s my blogger identity which I keep anonymous.)

  4. I flunked ferris wheel. Bungy jumping is way beyond my wildest dreams. You are amazing, Dax!
    And you didn’t mess around with short jumps.

  5. Oh my! I flunked ferris wheel. Dax, you are AMAZING! Now that I think about it, Tom and Anne, you are AMAZING too. I doubt if I could have given him permission to experience such a (to me) frightening jump! Maybe it is my age. I used to climb to the top of every tree in the neighborhood, but I don’t remember how I had the nerve to do it. Glad Dax finished the jump successfully. Love, Connie

  6. Dax,

    Just wanted to let you know that I did the bungy a few days ago — what a high! Thanks for the encouragement!


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