Back to School

Well, it’s over. After one year of traveling, my family and I are adjusting to life back in suburban Georgia. As I get ready to go back into school tomorrow, I can’t help but think how lucky I was to have had such an experience as this at a young age. I can’t help but look over all the exciting things I did, all the once in a lifetime experiences, and am finding myself having mixed feelings. There’s a part of me that wants to pack up the bags and head off—a part that enjoys the non-materialistic, free-roaming lifestyle of not knowing where I’m going to sleep tonight or what I’m going to eat for breakfast in the morning or if there will even be breakfast. Then there is the part of me that likes the routine schedule and the security of not being nomadic—a part that likes going to school at the same time, seeing the same people and doing the same things everyday. So I can’t yet say assuredly that I like being gone better than being home or being home better than being gone. What I do know, is that I need to brace myself for the next few weeks to come.

Getting Air Sandboarding in Namibia

Dax and his latin posse

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5 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Going back to school will definitely be a change from the past year, but we know you will do great! We miss you and hope to see you soon! (We’re pulling for a move to So Cal!
    Surfing with Uncle Todd doesn’t sound so bad, does it?!)

    Love, Mindy

  2. It’s always fun getting to read your entries. We are always thinking about you and looking forward to each new adventure. I’m with Mindy on a move back west :) only I’m pulling for Utah. 😉

    Hugs and good luck with school. Let us know how it goes.

  3. Great job Dax on your travelling and your write-ups. I have enjoyed reading about your families travels. My boys are 13,11 and 9. We live in Vinings, GA and we did get to Malaysia, Bali and Singapore this summer. Today I’m reading about your Africa travels. Trying to learn more so maybe we can plan a trip. My boys always enjoy reading your write-ups…nice photo of the sandboarding???Looks like fun! This summer they skated at Discvr Mills.

  4. I grew up traveling too, and have often experienced the same sense of wanting to take off and wanting to settle in at the same time. That hasn’t changed for me through the years that I’ve settled into Chattanooga. I’m currently planning my next trip to Paris and as soon as we get back, I’m going to start saving for our three-month hostel trek through Europe. The trick is learning to be content in the in-between times. And the key to contentment is realizing that each moment is possibly your last. So, the time’s when you’re a working stiff who’s paying the bills are no less a significant part of your life than the adventures of traveling. Hope that makes sense. Enjoyed the post!

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