Top 6 Things Freaking Us Out Now That We’re Home

I promise the info you want is coming soon, but in the meantime here’s a Top 6 List to hold you over. We’re still numb but these are the things that are most surprising to us at the moment:

1. We can brush our teeth with tap water. We still get nervous and head for the trash can to chuck our toothbrushes whenever we run them under the tap. Are you sure there are no parasites in Atlanta’s water supply?

2. We need a car to go anywhere. Though the kids in our suburban haven are fond of driving golf carts to the swimming pool, they don’t provide rides to the grocery store. Where’s a tuktuk when you need one? Looks like I’m really going to have to buy another car soon (thanks for the loaner Sue!).

3. Old habits die hard. Even though we’ve been away for a year, we all slipped right back into our old, pre-trip behaviors. The little kids want the closet and bathroom lights on and a glass of lemonade at bedtime; the big ones want to stay up all night and play video games; I am a slave to tidiness, and Tom can’t ever seem to turn our closet light off.

4. Not all preschool kids are pickpockets. Tom went to Costco the other day and after he got over the shock of not having to barter for his purchases, a little boy bumped into him at the checkout. He quickly put his hands to his pockets to perform a wallet check then realized the child was interested not in his money but in the smoothie and churro that awaited him at the concession stand.

5. Our family could live in our master bedroom closet. We have a lot of space. Most people in the world make do with no more than Tom and I hang our clothes in, so we’re thinking we might need a change of venue. I’ve threatened our friends Paula and Mike that we might just sell the house and move into their guest room. It’s even bigger than our closet and it’s got a king-sized bed. Throw a mattress on the floor and the Six are in business.

6. We can’t commit...One week post trip and we still haven’t bought a car (blame all the people who have loaned us theirs), gotten cell phones (blame the wireless companies for their frightening contracts and dodgy coverage in our area), or hooked up our satellite (blame the road for disavowing us of any TV tendencies). We know eventually our denial will have to end, but for the moment we’re enjoying our limited connectivity and mobility.

(Dax says he’s in disbelief over the new Coke can, but I bumped that particular worry to number 7. Sorry Dax.)

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12 thoughts on “Top 6 Things Freaking Us Out Now That We’re Home

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your trip and I have totally wanted to join you…Now, I am just WAITING…rather impatiently for the big “thing” ;)!

  2. We are happy to hear that you all are back and the adjustmetn isnt as bad as we first thought good luck trying to adjust to a more affluent life style.
    hope to see ya all soon

  3. Glad you all have made it back at home safe and sound, I have really enjoyed reading all of your fascinating blogs from your experiences around the world.

  4. What about the fact that you’ve ‘arrived’ and aren’t heading anywhere? That this really is the end of the line. I’d think that would feel a bit like sea sickness when even after you get off the boat you still feel like you’re moving!
    No planes to catch? no routes to figure or money to change? must all feel rather sterile in a way.
    Welcome back to your former life. I look forward to hearing how you incorporate your new life with your old!

  5. Wait until I send you Josh’s senior pictures… that will be on your list of things freaking you out. Little Josh a senior, and his hair is long (past his shoulders). No more “wazzat” We should have the photos is a couple weeks and I will send you one then! So glad you are all home safe and sound!


  6. The suspense is killing us…..we are glad you are home and safe!! Hope the adjustments come easier as the days go by!

  7. I hear you! I have just arrived in London and am shocked by the prices, shocked that nobody sat next to me on the tube and shocked at the kind of young and unfriendly travelers this city attracts. They won’t even say hi to me! I guess I do look kind of homeless…

    Good luck and send any good vibes you get my way, I’m flying home in a few days and will be in the same boat (except for the husband, children house etc.)

    I look forward to hearing the rest of the saga.

  8. Hi! This is just great! I ran past a tv and saw you on Oprah about two weeks ago and I just kind of bumped in to your blog today! Did I mention that I come from Sweden? how big are the odds!? It has been a pleasure to read about your trip. I hope to do something like that when I have a family of my own.
    take care!

  9. So far…my kids REFUSE to drive to school so we’ve been bike’n it every morning. SOme habits are good to keep. We must dicuss all of this. I’m a little homesick for Vancouver life.
    Cousin Cass

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