Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jog

I’m so sorry I’ve left some of you quite frustrated with my elusive last words. We can’t divulge a whole lot yet but there are changes brewing–some good, some bad. We knew when we embarked on this adventure there were both potential risks and benefits, and it now looks like we might be on the receiving end of both. I can’t say much more than that at this moment, but please know that we are healthy and happy…though in a temporary state of shock. Next week will be far more revealing and we’ll keep you posted as things unfold.

After one week on US soil, we still don’t have cell phones or a fully functioning car and though I’ve walked the aisles of multiple Car Maxes, I can’t seem to want to buy anything. People all over Asia fit four kids on a moped. So why can’t I?

We’re off now to a Welcome Home soiree in a borrowed Ford Expedition with all our visiting grandparents. After all, when the going gets tough, the tough go party!

Family doing our final pyramid

19 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jog

  1. Not frustrated…just concerned and interested. I’ve enjoyed your travels vicariously, and have anticipated your re-entry shock. Now I’m sorry to hear that there are other kinds of adjustments to make than cultural.

    Take your time, fill us in when you can, and hang tough…er, party hard!

  2. Welcome home – hope “Uncle David” is one of the Grandparents able to welcome you back, and if so pass a long a happy Birthday to him from the Hofstetters.

  3. Welcome Home Indeed! I’ve followed you in thoughts, prayers, and your wonderful blogs.
    Greetings to all visiting Grandparents if they are still with you.

    Love from Aunt Sandy

  4. Welcome home! Atlanta is happy to have you back. And the twist at the end will only make the story more interesting 10 years from now when the shock has worn off!

  5. Happy to hear you are safe and sound in your hometown. To help with the culture shock you should share your favorite parts of the trip with one another. You traveled the world, you traveled the world with four kids, you guys can do anything. Good Luck!

  6. you dont know me but i have been following your adventures for a few months – since my husb and i decided to pack up our life in london to move back to south africa, but not before doing a rtw trip. your family has been such an inspiration to us and i pray that i can give my kids what you gave yours – something that is worth more all the money and education in the world! good luck with everything and if you feel like posting i will be here to read it! god bless you all

  7. I have been reading your posts since Oprah, and being from Atlanta, I have anticipated your return. Good luck with the re-entry shock, I can’t wait to read more!

    Thank you for sharing with us!

  8. I hope when things settle that you will be able to share with us some impressions and reflections….your heads must be swimming! I pray that the commercialism hasn’t bombarded you here at home :) I can’t imagine the lessons you’ve learned about simplicity and the very little we actually need to live and be happy….welcome home!

  9. So glad you made it home safely! I’ve so enjoyed reading about your travels as I too tuned in as soon as the Oprah episode aired. Praying for all of the changes in your lives!!!!

  10. I too am looking forward to hearing about your new adventures. I can imagine it is amazing to get back home after being gone so long. I hope all works out for your family.

  11. Nice to see you are home safe and sound. Thanks for all of the fun posts. We are off to Argentina in August, anything we can bring you?

  12. Mary, (response #16) I witnessed first hand that these people ADORE dulce de leche. It quickly replaced peanut butter as the favorite thing to stick a spoon in and eat off the spoon like a personal popsicle. You don’t have to bring it back, but do eat some d.d.l. in tribute to the Six!

  13. Hello Six,
    It’s me, the Belgian girl, again :o) I feel compelled to write since I “joined” your journey almost at its end and am now still reading your post trip entries. Although our trips are not quite comparable, I can understand the difficulty of readjusting to some of the things we never questioned before. I remember thinking that I was having an easy time settling back in, that everything just fell back into place, when we returned home, but after about 8 months both my boyfriend and I hit rock bottom realising that we hadn’t really gone forwards in our day to day lives back in Europe and instead were still living somewhere in between our trip and reality. It was then that we managed to shape up and have some long conversations about the future. We’re now working on a 2 year plan to move to Brazil and open up a B&B. That’s what our trip did to us :o). Perhaps we can host you there one day :o)
    Keep well!

  14. Hi Family and welcome back home
    I came to your page and asked to be part of your mail list just a couple of month ago. But, since that, I read a lot of information about your experience during you travels. I will miss you, I will miss Kieran, Asher, Dax, Mckane, and sure, mom and dad, I will miss learning reading at your page, I will miss learning about other countries and cultures. If in the future your family do another trip to the world, please visit us at Puerto Rico Island, you will be Welcome. I hope that you continue writing about your life in Georgia (I visited your state and I like it), and sharing with us pictures and information about a beautiful family. I am really enjoy your blog. God Bless you all and I will continue prey for you. A Big Hug. Ramon

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