Safe and Sound in Peru

After three days of bus travel and one rejuvenative night in the fabulous city of Arequipa (we’re headed back there next week), we finally arrived yesterday at the shores of Lake Titicaca in Puno, Peru. We heard that President Morales brought in the army to break the Bolivian blockades a few days ago, so hopefully travelers are once again moving freely throughout the country. Though Bolivia is not without its charm and natural wonders, the sheer instability of its political system and the ever fragile balance between order and chaos make it a difficult place for those on any kind of a schedule to visit. Unfortunately, with only 13 days to go, we’ve joined the ranks of those under time constraints.

Now that we’ve got a moment to catch our breath, we will be publishing a flurry of posts to get you current with what we’ve seen and done over the past three weeks in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and Peru. To those of you who have expressed sadness that our travels are rapidly coming to an end, I can only say stay tuned. Our adjustment to life back home in the States will be every bit as interesting as our time on the road, if not more so. We simply cannot fathom how we will ever be able to do or see things in the same way again. Tom and I discuss trip number two, tentatively scheduled for 2014, daily and will probably start planning the day we get home.

In the meantime we’ve got two more weeks of freedom and adventure in country number 31 and are going to make the most of them. Feel free to send in a few last words of encouragement for our Peruvian hurrah. We’re going to need them as the minutes until our final flight count down.

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5 thoughts on “Safe and Sound in Peru

  1. I too am sad that your journey is ending. I have so enjoyed reading all about your travels. I’ll look forward to the 2014 trip!

  2. My husband and I have enjoyed reading about your travels, purely by chance I turned on Oprah and saw you. We love to see that you are living your dreams and we are planning to do the same.

  3. Ah…Is it really almost over? :o( I have so very much enjoyed looking thru your site and seeing all the photos from many places I’ll never have the chance to visit. Some though, I hope to enjoy in person…like Turkey. I’d never really thought about ever visiting there, until I saw your photos and read your stories! Now, I can’t wait to see it first hand!

    Thank you Andruss family for taking us all with you!

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