Stranded in Uyuni

You may be having fireworks at home for the 4th, but we´re living in a veritable powder keg here in Bolivia. The strike situation has escalated in the past 12 hours. There are now at least four separate protests standing between us and any other city in the country. The demonstrations in La Paz are about gas, the ones between here and Oruro and here and Potosi have to do with mining, and the one between Potosi and Sucre is by university students and staff about budget issues. Needless to say our bus didn´t leave Uyuni last night. We thought about heading out this morning to Potosi with an overland group in their big truck, but they only made it 30 minutes out before having to turn around and come back. Our bus company now tells us they won´t make an effort again to get to La Paz until Thursday night. We´re looking into taking the train tonight as far as Oruro and then trying to hop a bus from there. Though there´s absolutely nothing to do here in the city, the option of staying isn´t too bleak; we´re staying at an American/Bolivian owned hotel with a heat lamp in the courtyard and the most excellent pizza and pancakes we´ve had thus far.

This morning at breakfast we met a Swiss family with 3 kids (4, 7, and 9) who are 6 weeks into a 15 month RTW trip. I´m trying to convince Tom to tack another month onto ours given this latest delay, but he keeps talking about things like jobs and school and all the grandparents who are going to be at our house in a few weeks. Give me about a week before I start planning trip number 2.

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  1. Hey guys

    finally made it to the top…:)
    sad to hear you cant move forward…so when are you going back home?? almost hein?!
    ok I will be here waiting for news.
    Bye :)***

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