Braving the Roads in Bolivia

As you all know, we´re a good week behind in our posts, but we wanted to send out a quick update to get you current. Tom and I are now sitting in an internet cafe in the small town of Uyuni in southern Bolivia. We (all 6 of us) are scheduled to board a Todos Tours bus in a few hours to La Paz. The only hitch is the country´s tin miners started striking today and are blockading the roads in different parts of the country, including the entries into La Paz. This is common here and will hopefully be an inconvenience rather than a problem. The bus company tells us we should be able to walk across the picket lines and board a smaller bus at the city limits tomorrow morning. We hope to get out of La Paz via bus to Lake Titicaca in a few days but might be forced to fly on to Peru instead. Sometimes these things last days, other times weeks.

Normally we´d take this in stride, but we have to board a plane to Atlanta in only 17 days and still have Titicaca, Machu Pichu, and the Nazca Lines to see. Maybe next time we´ll make South America our first stop rather than our last. That way time won´t be a limiting factor.

In the meantime we´ll take this in stride (after all, we just survived negative 15 degree celcius temperatures in the Altiplano) and chalk it up as another part of the adventure.

We´ll post again as soon as we get access in La Paz to let you know we made it.

One thought on “Braving the Roads in Bolivia

  1. hiya! we are missing u so much!
    i just lew into utah today with my dad. here for good! we’ll miss u for the 4th, but well think of u. this year its not going to be as exiting w/out u, and my mom and sisters aren’t here either. oh well, we’ll try our best.

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