Getting Really Fat in Argentina, or How Is Everyone Here Not 500 Pounds?

San Fransisco, New York, and Sydney vie for that title because of their vast and tasty selection of the worlds cuisine, Beijing would show up on a short list because of all their varieties of Chinese food gathered in one city, Paris is fine but a little bit too gourmet…. This love for beef was heightened when my grandparents moved to live near us. My grandfather ended his career as one of the leaders of savings and loan(prior to the scandal) in LA but for years earlier in his career he had been a butcher and he knew his meat…. For most people this respect for the value of beef and a basic education in all thing beef, would be enough to prepare one for a lifetime of eating beef, however I had one more peddler of meat who would cement the deal…. I have carried that respect and love for beef into the business world and have when given the chance visited the best steakhouses of America some of my favorites are Palm and Smith and Wallensky in New York, The Chop House in Chicago, Harris’s in San Francisco and Pacific Dining Car in LA.