Everywhere You Go, Part II

This is part 2 of my last post and it’s about the kids we met here in Argentina. Be sure to check out the first post if you missed it, because Dad slipped it in yesterday back in the Tunisia section of the blog.

Last week we met a fun family at our church that was from Atlanta and were in Buenos Aires for 2 months. Paula and Mom knew them from home. They have two kids–though one’s not so much a kid–Cole, 16 and Micah, 8. We asked them to lunch at restaurant we had been to before, SIga La Baca (Follow the Cow). The mom’s sister also came along with her family. She has 3 children: Audrey 12 (1 month older than me like Eddy from Tunisia), James 10, and Sadie, 3. They are living in Argentina for 6 months so they can have an international experience and learn Spanish. Their father was in California for work. We ate at an Argentine BBQ buffet where we all loaded up our plates with beef and pork. All the kids sat at the end of the table and all the adults sat at the head. We started talking about were we had been and how much Micah knew about China. Then I found out that they liked Klay World, the little claymation things that a guy who goes by Knox makes. They were quoting his feature length movie that he made (look up ‘Klay World: Off the Table’). I bought a copy before we left but after Mom and Dad saw it they thought that it had no meaning and that it was a waste of time to watch. So now we only watch it if they’re in another room or out running errands.

When we finished eating the meat we got our desserts (it took like 45 minutes for them to come and get our order). Lots of us got lemon ice cream and vanilla ice cream inside hardened chocolate with dulce de leche (caramel) on the inside, but I was the only one to get a profiterole, vanilla ice cream with a sugary bread outside smothered in hot chocolate sauce. It was so good. We all finished our dessert and went outside where Kieran, Asher, and Sadie ran around playing tag. We said our good byes because they had dinner arrangements, I thought after all that food they’re going to go eat more, wow! We said goodbye and went our separate ways. I thought that we wouldn’t ever see them again but I was wrong, we met up with them the next day.

Making American Friends in Buenos Aires

They called us asking if we wanted to go over for dinner. We were having the Lovelies over for lunch but we thought we could make it over by 7. Boy, were we wrong. Mom tried calling a cab from a company the apartment recommended. We called and they didn’t speak English, but in a big folder that the apartment had it told us how to answer in Spanish and tell them where to come. But the taxi lady kept asking a question that we had no idea what it meant. So mom hung up and had dad call. It sounded like the same lady and after we told her all the information she asked that same question. We tried to see if Dax could understand it because he knew the most Spanish of all of us. He could sort of understand and we were able to answer and they told us 15 minutes.. So we went downstairs and waited and waited and waited and waited until we finally came to the conclusion that the cabs weren’t coming. We started to think that maybe they had gone to our friends’ apartment rather than ours. We called the family to see what we should do and they ordered some taxis from a different service. Finally we got there two hours late, and all the kids were waiting in the lobby playing cards.

We went upstairs with them to their apartment that they were renting. All the kids ate real fast so we could play cards. Kieran and Asher ran around with Sadie taking clothes off Barbies and throwing them at us. Micah tried to make them stay away from us as much as he could because he could see that they were driving the rest of us insane. We all played president as they call it, also known as scum, jack***, etc. I hadn’t played since the boat in Vietnam, so Dax and I needed some warm up rounds We played 5 hands and of those I was president for 3, VP for 1, and neutral for 1 (not scum or president). Then we went online and Cole showed me some of his claymations he made that are on YouTube (go to You Tube and search for rastacow to see his movies). We also watched some other funny things that were on Flashplayer and sites like that, but soon the cabs were downstairs waiting for us to go back to our apartment. We said goodbye and that was the last time we saw them. They were the first American children we’d seen since Chennai, India in January. I couldn’t believe that being with American kids for a day could make me miss home so much. It’s hard to believe I’ll be back there in only 5 weeks!

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