Props to The Padres!

Role models for boys are few and far between these days, now that pro athletes are felons and rock stars and actors vacillate between rehab and divorce court, but my boys have an all-star lineup who teach them that being a man is much more than building muscle mass, ________________…. Riding the shoulders of my father who taught me all about sports and took me to every type of sporting event possible–Navy basketball and Oriole baseball games when we lived in Maryland; Saints football, Jazz basketball, NCAA Final Four, and team motocross when we moved to New Orleans. As I grew older, and my interests evolved away from sports and towards dance, history, and travel, my dad found ways to support me in my new pursuits…. He was my constant companion at countless Mardi Gras parades and introduced me to the wonders of rollercoasters as we visited amusement parks all along the Eastern Seaboard and Gulf Coast states.My dad recently told me how happy he was with my family.

Everywhere You Go, Part II

This is part 2 of my last post and it’s about the kids we met here in Argentina. Be sure to check out the first post if you missed it, because Dad slipped it in yesterday back in the Tunisia section of the blog. Last week we met a fun family at our church that…