Everywhere You Go: Part 1 Tunisia

Throughout the world we have met traveling and local children, all of them are alike in one big way. Even though they’re alike in many little ways, this is the big one–they want to have fun. While we were in New Zealand, we met a British family who were traveling the world in six months, in Australia we met a local family, Richard and his kids to be precise. There are children everywhere we go. Some we meet invite us to their houses, others the little kids meet and play with for minutes to hours (look back to my post Asher and Her Asian Friends). Children at RSO in India, children at the school in China, children at the school in Cambodia, children at the House of Angels in Romania are all alike: they want to play and have fun.

In Tunisia we had some of my favorite times of the whole trip. In the Sheraton Hammamet, where we were redeeming Dad’s SPG points, we met Eddy, 12 (1 month older than me), Grace, 10, and Max 7 (1 month older than Kieran)on our third day there. They were from England (like most other traveling children we meet) and were in Tunisia for vacation. for a week I think. We met at the pool area in the middle of the day, They were swimming before us and in the pool at the same time as us, but I couldn’t get up the guts to go talk to them. Finally I found the bravery inside me that I needed to go talk to them. I started talking to them about traveling and why we were in Tunisia and why they were in Tunisia and about school and how it is different in the US and England. After talking for awhile with Eddy, he asked if I wanted to play table tennis with him a.k.a. ping pong. There was a ping pong table like thirty feet (10 meters) from the pool, so I said why not.

While I was getting crushed at ping pong, Eddy asked me if I liked real tennis. I was thinking, “Oh my gosh. I love it!!!!” but instead I said, “Yeah, it’s the sport I play at home. Do you play?” He told me that he played too and that he had some rackets in his room. I didn’t even know there was a tennis court, but apparently there was and somehow in a couple of minutes I had a tennis game arranged at 5 o’clock. But our fun ended temporarily when they had to go eat lunch. Eddy, Grace, Max, their parents, Mom, Asher, Kieran and I walked back to our rooms. The Sheraton wasn’t a skyscraper but a bunch of different buildings with like 10 rooms in each scattered around the grounds of the Sheraton. We discovered their rooms were right across the hall from Mom and Dad’s. This was pretty cool because now we could just walk out and go to their room. 5 pm couldn’t come soon enough. After a couple of hours of waiting it was time to play some tennis.

I was pretty rusty at first because of the fact that I hadn’t played in a year, but I slowly progressed to almost where I was before we left the US. The game didn’t fall in my favor The final score was 2 to 6. I was the 2 unfortunately. We walked back to the room with Grace and Max right behind, and bid our farewells because once again it was time for them to eat and have tea. We had arranged to play Crazy Bones later that night after they ate. Kieran and Asher were going to play to so I had to get all my Crazy Bones ready. They came back from dinner and we started playing in our room right awa. We all started with 5 and played if they get knocked over they’re dead (look up Crazy Bones if you don’t know what they are). It started out fine but no one could knock over Eddy’s, so Kieran picked up an apricot and threw it at Eddy’s Crazy Bones. Soon it turned into a situation where Kieran and Asher were throwing the fruit from the welcome bowl. Peaches, apricots, apples flying over head splattering on the wall and floor. It ended with one big splat of a peach that Kieran chucked with all his strength straight down. *SPLAT* It exploded everywhere all over him. Right when he threw it there was a knock at the door. Everything went quiet. There was another knock and then another. I looked through the peep hole and boy, was I relieved to see Eddy, Grace, and Max’s Dad. We could still be in trouble but at least it wasn’t some stranger.

They didn’t get in trouble or anything, but Kieran and Asher did. Lucky for us they didn’t break anything, but there was still smashed fruit all over the floor. But mom was pretty calm about it and didn’t flip out. I’m not saying any more than that because I don’t know how hard it was to clean it up. We were leaving the next day so me and Eddy woke up early to we could get another game in, we thought that this would be our last so we had to play no matter how early, Grace and Max tagged along too because they liked to watch. We started walking to the course and we realized that we had no tennis balls I think it was. So Eddy ran back as quick as he could to get the balls. He ran to catch back up to us. We got to the tennis courts and I realized I had no water, but we didn’t have time for me to run back. I would just have to play with no water, but I was lucky because it wasn’t hot. And I actually got close to winning too. I probably would’ve won if we had finished the game. The final score was 6 to 6, but our hour of time was up so we had to go back to the rooms.

In Mom and Dad’s room they were packing while Kieran and Asher slept. I helped pack a little then I went across the hall to get Eddy to go play some ping pong before we had to leave. We played for a while and then Mom came to get me to get in our cab to the train station where we would ride it to where my Star Wars post happened. I said goodbye to Eddy, and then Mom said ” C’m’on your going to see him again. We’re coming back after the Star Wars stuff”. So it wouldn’t be goodbye forever if we were going back while they were still there. This was good news to the both of us .

4 or 5 days later we got back to the Sheraton at like 9 at night. We got all our bags out of the cabs and payed the drivers and when I looked up the entry stair well there they were–Eddy, Grace, Max, and two more kids that were also staying there. I was so surprised to see them. We were a day early yet they were there waiting like they were expecting us. It turned out that they were playing man hunt and the new kids names were Alex, 9, and Maddy, 6. They had arrived one day before we left the first time. They told me that there two more kids that were in their rooms. Ryan, who was Dax’s age, and Kelsen, 9. We just barely started a game when Eddy’s dad said it was time for them to go to bed. So the game stopped and we went back to our rooms. We were in the same building as last time and our rooms were just a 15 feet away from theirs.

The next day we did everything we could fit into the day. But unfortunately Eddy, Grace, and Max were in Tunis until 5. So I hung out with Ryan until they got back. We talked about the US and England and what we liked to do and it turned out that he liked to play DDR. He showed me this guy on Youtube that was really good at DDR. We also played ping pong which was pretty funny because it somehow turned into heading a soccer ball back and forth on the ping pong table. When Eddy got back we hurried and got the rackets and ran to the tennis courts. Tennis wasn’t the same as the other days though, because every single one of the kids were there including Ryan, and they were running across the court and keeping the balls. We decided it was too hard to play with everyone running around, and just stuck to manhunt. Ryan and Kelsen couldn’t play though because they had to be with their family. So it was just me, Eddy, Grace, Alex, and Max. We played a version where you could run around the whole complex and one team protected the pool table and if they touched an attacker, the attacker was out. The other team had to try and touch the pool table. The teams were Max and I against Eddy, Grace, and Alex. I didn’t know how this was fair since Max was so young, but this is how we played. Max and I actually did pretty well. We won the most rounds somehow.

After five rounds Alex had to leave so we played single person manhunt. We played that you could go anywhere throughout the whole complex and when someone was tagged they had to help the manhunter. Eddy was the manhunter and he got Max first and then me. Together the three of us couldn’t find Grace anywhere. We walked around the whole place trying to find her. We searched for like an hour. We found Alex and asked him to help us and then we ran into Eddy’s dad. He helped us look for her too. Finally we found her at the front behind a wall. How had Eddy not seen her? I watched him look through that area like five times, and she said she had been there the whole time.

After they ate there was a magic show that was pretty strange. We all watched and sat together. It wasn’t very interesting to me until they had all of these volunteers stand in a 3 person wide, 5 person long mass with one big guy in the front who was holding a wood block with a small hole that didn’t go all the way through. One of the ‘magicians’ then put an iron rod that was pretty long in the small hole, and then made the other side push against his throat and then pushed. The wood broke and stabbed the guy in the stomach. The guy was so suprised. Everyone gasped; that wasn’t supposed to happen. I wondered if the guy could sue the magicians. All of us thought that he would.

After the magic show Kieran, Asher, Eddy, Grace, Max, and I went back to the rooms so we could play more Crazy Bones. This time luckily there was no food fight but Grace kept on trying to get Kieran and Asher to throw fruit by putting fruit in front of them. Luckily they weren’t tempted, and I had to throw an apricot at Grace to make her stop. We never got to finish the game though because their dad came because it was time for them to go.

The next day me and Eddy played one more game of tennis and after that it was almost time for us to leave to the airport. Before we left we started picking these little balls off of a tree above the pool table and throwing them at each other. It was pretty fun and some German girls were throwing them at us too. We couldn’t find out their ages but one seemed my age, and the other, Josephine, seemed to be 10 or younger. When Kieran came to the front he had these soap bombs that were bath gel and shampoo mixed up in a small bottle and he and Asher started throwing them at everyone. But soon it was time for us to leave and we took one big last picture (Alex’s mom took the picture because Dad’s camera battery was dead), and said goodbye to everyone for the last time.

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  1. Sounds great that you meet all these nice people! You have a lot of friends on the end of your trip!

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