Don’t Be Fooled by Weak Imitations, This is an Authentic Sixintheworld Blog Post

Our mere three days there were not enough to make a real analysis of the city but we did manage to get some feel of what Krakow was like…. Looking at buildings that were once the homes of hundreds when the ghettos were established, or the famous tower where the lone trumpeter warned his countrymen of the coming Tartars, you couldn’t help but feel like you were walking amongst living history…. When I opened the door to leave the room there was always a secret service at the end of the hall.When we finally left the Sheraton to go and see what Krakow had to offer we were amazed…. While some of the old Soviet bloc countries had retained an almost entirely foreign atmosphere, Poland had jumped right into a western European mind set. We continued our adventure around Krakow by going into the old Jewish ghettos established by the Nazis during their occupation of Poland.