Happy Mothers’ Day

Once a year we set aside a day to honor or at least cook for our wives and mothers. On the road we have a way of losing track of our holidays. We remembered our birthdays because we discussed which country we where we were going to be in for each one before we left. Other holidays, even big ones like Christmas, seem to sneak up on us. We sometimes miss them or get confused as to their actual dates. For example, we almost celebrated St. Patrick’s Day on three different days because we never could figure out which day of the week the 17th fell on. We missed Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day and almost missed Mother’s Day. A luckily timed call to one of McKane’s friends tipped us off. (We don’t know if they celebrate Mothers’ Day in Eastern Europe. We wouldn’t know if they did because we can’t understand any of the billboards.) With our belated discovery we were ill prepared to create a special day for Anne. We would like to think that every day is special for Anne but in reality, every day is hard work. She keeps the kids from hurting each other and takes care of many of our needs and logistics. The best we could do was get take a walk around the town and try to keep the complaining and sparring to a minimum. We were moderately successful but owe her a better Mothers’ Day next year when life is back to normal.

The best part of our Mother’s Day came while we were hanging out in the old town square here in Krakow. Anne, Dax and I sat while the other kids climbed statues and watched different street performers. We talked about the trip, our imminent return, and decided we needed to do something for our grandmothers at home. We were too late to send them anything, so we decided to take a special picture for them. Grandma Judy and Grandma Lorelie, this is a shot for you. We aren’t the best acrobats, but we did our best to spell out the H, M, and D in Happy Mothers’ Day.

Mothers day picture for the grandmas

HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY from all 6 of us (from some of us twice–neat trick, eh?). We couldn’t have embarked on this adventure without your love, support, and many years of selfless devotion. We wish you were here with us in Poland, but since you can’t be, we’ll stick to silly stunts and plan on celebrating once we get home.

(Extra credit to those who can find two Ashers.)

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6 thoughts on “Happy Mothers’ Day

  1. Oh guys…..my husband and I lived in Krakow from 90-92 and we LOVED it….are currently planning on returning with our kids…..your photo filled me with excitement!!!!
    Enjoy Poland – it’s beautiful. And make sure you read The Trumpeter of Krakow when you get home, if you haven’t already.

  2. Thanks for a VERY ORIGINAL Mother’s Day greeting!
    Although we enjoyed our traditional Mother’s Day meal of Uncle Jim’s South American barbeque with his special picante, we missed having the usual crowd. We need to have a giant celebration to make up for all the holidays you’ve missed… Irish stew, fireworks, dying eggs, carving pumpkins, etc.
    We love you guys and appreciate your agility and ability to clone yourselves for this greeting.

  3. I’m one of those Oprah viewers who is hooked on your travel blog…You’re in a part of the world where I lived and visited in the 1990’s -Bucharest… Krakow…Budapest. What great memories you’ve stirred for me today! I hope that you write more about Budapest…I remember the castle overlooking the river where an old lady was selling embroidered crafts. She could do international currency coversions in her head faster than our fingers on the pocket calculator! And the embroidery was so fine you couldn’t tell the front from the back…And I hope that you will go to Prague so I can see that city of bridges again. Thanks for making your sons write, too. I do enjoy their perspective and I always feel like I learn something from ALL of your writings. Jane

  4. WOW! Many thanks for the most unusual greeting and the time and effort it took to create it. It’s not every year one gets a picture greeting from Poland for Mother’s Day. Take care. Love you!

  5. What a cool picture! You guys are so creative and so photo-shop savvy! I hope you had a great Mother’s Day Ann! Oh.. and I get extra credit!

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